I just had a mindblowing experience 💥

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This incredible humanbeing cuchira (on instagram), she expressed her art again, her movmeant class. Thank you for being you, your art, your love and energy.. She's so real that it brings out the realness, rawness in everyone ❤️


At times I was on the floor, crying weeping, at times jumping moving around, connecting moving with others. I had a super honest time with myself, feeling everything I'm feeling, not pretending, just being with me.
You can't be one way all the time. You have so many parts of you. You have ups downs. Sad, sexual, happy, expanded, joyful, liberated, stuck, angry, shy, contracted, its all you. Because you're human, raw and beautiful as you are. You have your darkness and lightness. The darker you can go, the lighter you can get. The lightest people I met are the ones who went into the depth of their darkness and they're beautiful ❤️
I had moments where I was hugging myself and just felt pure love for myself. It's empowering you know, when you give yourself the love you always wanted from others, then you don't keep people around you responsible to love you. You don't resent them for not doing that. Because you're receiving all the love from you and if more love comes to you, its great its extra on top of it 😍
She was saying in the end, Go into forest, what would you do if no one existed? Shout, scream, whatever. Do that. What if you always did what you wanted instead of what everyone else wants?
As I'm writing this on the bus, I saw a sign says 'lighthouse'. It makes me remember, you know what you need. You're your own guide, your own healer. You know what to do for yourself. Allow yourself to feel it all, give yourself permission. When you go into the depths of that sadness, anger, shame that joy, whatever it is, you'll see that you're free and beautiful as you are✨
Wishing you a beautiful weekend in this 'kinda raining but not really' weather 😃🌧
Love you 💙


I first started meditating at 8 thanks to my parents ✨ Dropped it for a while then I was meditating regularly 2 years ago twice a day, half an hour each. It helped me so much during university times while studying architecture.. 


I wouldn't get thrown around by problems and was able to hold my centre in the stressful times through finding my inner calmness.. Also helped me with sleeping less and getting more stuff done as half an hour meditation replaces a whole night's rest 😃
There are so many meditation types out there, I tried few then the one I resonated the most was the primordial sound meditation. Its very similar to transcendental meditation, basically mantra meditation.
I was initiated a mantra sound equivalating to the time and place I was born. So each time you repeat that mantra while meditating, it'd match your vibration to your Soul's vibration. It helps you induce altered state of consciousness easily.
So how do you do mantra meditation?
You sit down, close your eyes, breathe and repeat a mantra in your mind's eye. That's pretty much all you do. If you feel like you're dropping away, bring the mantra to your awareness and keep repeating it.
Setting an intention before you start can be great, if you feel drawn to it. Start with 5 minutes and build up to 10 mins a day. Now I do 10 mins a day and I find that it works well with the rest of my morning routine which is doing breathwork, journaling and dancing in the garden.
So here are few mantras you can repeat depending on what you'd like to attract to your life:
- Om Namah Shivaya (building your self confidence, reminding you are made up of divine energy)
- Om Agasthi Shahina (for insomnia, if you can't sleep, repeat this in bed)
- Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha (allowing more abundance into your world)
- Wah Yantee (awakening your intuition)
- Ong Sohung (opening your heart)
Let me know your thoughts on this.
Do you have a meditation practice? Would love to hear about it in the comments 🙌🏼✨
Much love to you ✨


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I'm seeing more and more how important it is to feel the emotions. Any emotion, not just the happy and more uplifting ones..

At first it might feel like dying, super scary and dangerous. But that's just a protective layer of illusion to keep you away from them.

For a long time I decided to live in my head and always plan stuff until a year ago really. The life coach I had back then always used to ask me 'How do you feel?' I'd even start that sentence with 'I think I feel..' 😃

I do breathwork once in a while. How it works is you breathe in from the mouth out from the mouth and everything you've been suppressing in your body starts coming up. Usually my hands and mouth go a bit weird:) Then you shout, kick your legs and arms to release. It's really painful, like physically painful for me in the chest and in my hands. Each time I do it, I see how much pain I cause myself by not expressing how I feel in the moment. There's another one im going to on Monday, let's see how that one goes😉

In the Goddess Circles I give, there's a part where we drop into our bodies, allowing any feelings to come up. It's so beautiful to watch this. It's like watching bravery and freedom. Honestly, I learn a lot from those brave warriors.

I sometimes get days where I'm like 'I'm constantly working on myself and even the same topics keep coming up. This is never ending.' It is never ending;) But each time you go in, feel and release you become freer, lighter and move forward easier.. You feel more fulfilled and comfortable in who you are ✨

It's not a weakness to cry or look like you haven't got it all together. The opposite, its raw and beautiful. It shows that you're a human. That you're actually trying, feeling, opening up your heart, falling, getting up and trying again. So worth the risk 😉

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🌺 Coming Back into the Heart 🌺

I'm here laying down under a tree.. Dropping back into my body and I feel drawn to write and share with you.

Up until this point, I've been more masculine, driven and quite 'mindy'. It has been super useful, I get things done but it doesn't allow me to enjoy the journey or feel so much.

This morning, I realised I didn't allow myself to be playful because I assumed that life is serious and there are things to do. I needed to do these things before I can be playful..

I would create even more things to do and I'd never get to the point of being playful lol.

If I got a message from my intuition about being vulnerable and being me, I'd go 'ok gotta do this to be vulnerable now'. Or the other day I went to Hampstead Heath and I was like 'right, time to receive wisdom from trees' 😃  its quite funny actually.. I became all serious and disconnected from myself and others, because I'm in the head.

As soon as I let go of what I 'need' to do or be, I bring whatever I want to be or do into that moment..

It doesn't have to be complicated. It's quite simple actually. We're the ones making it complicated, then there is something to 'figure' out. There's something for the mind to work on.

The truth is there's nothing to work on. There are things to do, yes, but things can be done in a playful way, even the serious stuff. It's about doing this but having fun in the process. Bringing softness into it. Then there is joy and flow 💜

Sacred Earth - Bliss, awesome song to get out of your head and come back into your heart 😉💞✨

Feel free to message me btw to ask ways to get into the heart from the mind, I've accumulated a whole list of things by now 😂

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Something magical happens when you're free from your mind chatter and completely present with the person you are with..

Last weekend I went to complete another module with Animas Coaching, which was about presence.

We had an exercise where we were with a person while they talked for straight 10 mins. No questions, reactions, nothing. Just listening and allowing that person to be, say anything they want.

The person I was observing threw out everything she had in her mind, vulnerably telling her thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs and hopes.

It got to a point where she tired herself out of her ego and saw the answer herself. Literally guided herself to her answer..

I saw this happening when I was doing 12 weeks 'Artist's Way' program, Julia Cameron's book where you have to write 3 pages every day. For me, in the beginning, the first 2 pages were pure mind. Totally unrelated sentences stacking next to each other, almost a vomit of the mind. Last page would be the truth, what I'd love to do, my gifts, dreams etc. Thank God i don't have to write 3 pages of that to get to the truth now 😂

It was amazing to see that happening right then and there, shifting in 10 mins..

It's about witnessing your own pain. It can be painful to do but once the thoughts, beliefs, emotions are seen by you, once they're witnessed and named what they are, they loose their power.. The pain is gone. Not looking at them straight in the face creates even more pain than the pain itself.

It's about seeing them and not getting carried away. They are just concepts, not the truth.

The truth is..

No matter what our past is,

No matter how scared we are or 

No matter how we want to control the outcome..

We can be anything we want to be in any given moment..

That is the ultimate freedom 😉💛

Thank you Marcus, Laure, Erika and beautiful attendees for a wonderful weekend full of authenticity 💜✨

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Today I went to a cacao ceremony Rebekah Shaman did. I got 3 main things..

Usually I rush to future and always look for my next steps. This time when I asked for my next steps, it was all about acknowledging how far I came. Really took time to see how I transformed my life completely in less than 6 months..
Literally 6 months ago, I accepted that architecture was not my thing. I love children, so I started working part-time in a primary school and as a nanny, also giving coaching sessions at the side. 5 months later, both jobs came to a completion. Now I have all the time and energy to focus on my individual coaching sessions, workshops for children and parents and women's circles that I will start soon..
I acknowledged how much I matured, owned myself and took responsibility for creating my reality especially when I sabogated myself..

My mum and dad went back to Turkey today. It was a magical week on so many levels..

They came to my workshop and even acknowledged my shamanic powers, I did healing/clearing blockages on them which they received so openly. I thought I can never be that with them. Being yourself as you are, with your parents, is freedom.. Also seeing parents as they are, not just 'parents' comes down to forgiveness and unconditional love. They do so much for us, all we can do is love them back with all our heart really..

Another thing was in the last week I was surprised to see how I was scared of money, thinking its dangerous, afraid to loose it if I have it and even assuming I'll be abandoned if I have it..

So I set the intention to clear my blockages around money. I love transforming people's lives, I do for the love of it. I basically saw that when I share my gifts, I give out so much love. And people giving me money for that is basically a form of love. I saw that money is love, its about learning to receive love.


Last thing I got was spending time in nature. Like for real.. every day. And writing every morning. I saw that I really need that silent time to integrate things, learn the lesson and move on.. I'm super quick generally in integrating but saw that doing this will take me on a whole new level.

It's the little things you do every day that makes a difference..

Oh and I'll be sharing more of what I learn, what I go through.. Openly and vulnerably 😉 💛

Thanks for reading, much love to you all 😍 ❤️ ✨

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