There’s a cafe down the road from where I live. Sometimes I work from there. It’s a cafe / plant shop / hairdresser which I found amazing. Someone thought to mix them up and did it, why not. 


I always give it as an example in sessions when there is a need for certainty and fear of letting go of the outcome while creating 🙏🏼 If you’re creating something unique coming from you, you have to be willing to be in the unknown and let go of the need to control.
💫 Control - known
💫 Magic - unknown
I got this plant from there. It literally made its little babies pretty quickly. Aaron showed me how to make them sprout in water until they have roots to be planted. He gave me this beautiful idea of planting them and giving it to friends 🙏🏼
So I planted one of the baby ones for my mum so she can take it back to Istanbul with her and grow it with love 😍
Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine today, you incredible being ☀️
Love you 💛


magic of the day - coffee.jpg

I was sitting at this cafe the other day, doing my morning pages that slightly turned into afternoon pages. They’re 3 pages of journaling of whatever comes to your mind, like a brain dump. Julia Cameron created them.


Then a lovely woman approached me asking me what I was writing about so intensely 😃 I told her, turns out she does the morning pages too! We started chatting, she asked me what I listen to when I write, I showed her this playlist:
Yesterday we met up for a coffee at the same cafe, she’s beautiful and we had a lot to talk about from writing, creativity to self discovery ❤️
If you want to go up and talk to a stranger, do it. You never know where it might lead you ☺️
Have a beautiful afternoon 💛


magic of boom.jpg

I’m back!


I was at the Boom festival last week in Portugal with Amanda and Aaron.
It’s 33,333 people from 147 countries with a healing area, different stages, a lake, workshops, so much to experience that I didn’t even know in 6 days. A bit like Burning Man where you create the experience you need to have receiving what you need in the complete unknown.
I mostly ate, napped, danced and swam in the super hot sun. By the end of it, I gave up on wearing clothes, on the last day I had my bumbag as the only thing I wore 😃
We did deep processes, had fun, connected, spoke our truth to each other, met incredible people on the dancefloor. There is so much love at Boom, magic, possibilities and growth that can unfold.
There is a lot I want to share but for now I will share only these as I take my time to integrate the experience:
I saw what’s most important to me, what my priorities are. Even though I create a lot, I’m also the queen of distractions 💁🏽‍♀️ It was a great reset to come back to what matters to me the most and how I can use my time here in a true way for me.
I saw once again your body is a way to experience ecstasy in life through movement, lovemaking, singing etc. For me it’s always about body, coming back to the body, moving through anything using your body.
I saw the beauty and love in people, how every single humanbeing has something beautiful to offer to this world, big or small, doesn’t matter. We all want to be loved and to feel connected. We all want to be seen, heard and be appreciated. And we all can give that to one another unconditionally.
I saw that no one knows what’s best for you, only you know. I saw what being in my own authority felt like once again on a deeper level 🔥
And you always get the experience you need, not the one you wish for 😉✨
Loads of love to you ❤️

I’m on my way to Avebury now, going to Swindon first.

on my way to avebury.jpg

I’m on my way to Avebury now, going to Swindon first. I said to the woman who was giving me this coffee who reminded me of my mum’s eyes, ‘You have incredible beautiful eyes.’ She lit up and said, ‘I wanted to tell you the same. They’re beautiful.’ We held our eye gaze for a bit, I felt the love, such an amazing feeling, to connect with another woman for a moment, whether you know her or not. Then she gave me the coffee for free ❤️


Always choose kindness ✨ And of course don’t use it to manipulate people to get your way 😂 (More on the Integrated Feminine Retreat later)




what do i believe in.jpg

I recently got asked the question, 'What do I believe in?' 


I believe in magic. I believe you can absolutely make your dreams your reality. You don't really need to settle for that job that you don't want. When you step into your dream and look back at the past when it used to be your present, you see that it's no longer your present, that's magic.
I believe in love. I believe when you come from your heart, speak from your heart, live from your heart, magic happens. People understand you when you speak to their heart. I'm not saying ignore the mind or body, its a balance of all of them. Listening to it all, give them all a chance to speak and make a decision after that.
I believe everyone in this world has something incredible to offer to this world. Everyone has a gift, no matter where they are, no matter what their job is, their age, race etc. That's why I do what I do, helping people find their gift and express that. I believe everyone has the capacity to create something no one did before. Even if its done, its not done in a way you'd do it, because no one is you.
Tamara is a unique photographer. She came to one of the Goddess Circles I did months ago. That's where we met. The other day we met up. She asked me great, deep questions. Right to the point, no chit chat, I loved it ✨ While she photographes people she asks them these questions.. Same questions for everyone.
- What does trust mean for you?
- What does it mean to be a man/woman?
- What do you believe in?
- Is there anything you hide from people? Or from yourself?
- Is there anything you're particularly grateful for?
I loved being part of her project. When I'm asked questions, ideas and answers that haven't come to me before just pop up. So always ask me questions ☺️ I get as much out of it as you do 🙏🏼
If you'd like to be photographed while answering her questions, get in touch with her. She's looking for people 😍
Read the rest of my answers here:
Have an awesome rest of the week lovelies 💞


I'm back to posting regularly everyone, had a transformational May at so many levels.. Will be sharing loads later on 😉

For now, I'd like to share something magic that happened the other day ✨

A week ago or so @aaronleconte and I went into our regular Indian restaurant, we go there nearly every week its so wonderful.. 

This guy walks in and tells the waitress its their 3rd year anniversary. I go 'awww how cute' 😍

Then we start talking about if we should pay for their desert, drink or something. After good 20 mins of tuning in, checking and make sure its true and we're not crossing boundaries or anything, we ask the waitress if we can pay their whole meal. (We ask her to make sure its their anniversary😃) She goes 'No, sometimes that's a problem. Some customers wouldn't like that'. I'm like this is not acceptable, we tuned in and its true, it needs to happen😂 

We ask her again, this time asking if that ever happened. She says no. We just look at her. Then she suggests to go and ask her manager. She does. We wait. She comes back telling us yeah we can do that 🙌🏼

So we write them a note on the napkin, something like, "May you have many more years full of magic, joy and love together, Isik & Aaron" surrounded by loads of hearts 💜

We pay and hand the note over to the waitress to give it to the couple. Then we leave.

A week later, yesterday Aaron goes to the same restaurant to get us food to eat at mine. He comes back with amazing food and a card that says 'For Isik & Aaron, from Louis + Trish' on it. I'm like 'Who are Louis and Trish?' I keep asking and he just smiles, im getting agitated by that point that Aaron's not answering. Then the penny drops and I'm like, 'Oh my god, is it that couple??'. Aaron laughs ☺️

I open it and start reading it out loud. After the first sentence I loose it, crying my eyes out, handing it over to Aaron. The words, card and the painting at the front which feels like they did.. Powerful energy was flowing out of it..

It said,

"To Isik and Aaron,

Thank you for your kind gesture.

We will never forget the gift you gave us; in a time when hope and magic may seem lost. We will be telling this story for many years!

Trish & Louis x"

So magic.. Last sentence really hit me, how such a small gesture can have a huge impact.. I wasn't really expecting to hear from then again and here they were writing us something coming from their heart without even meeting us.. 

They also had #shibumi written on the left side which we couldn't solve what that meant.. So if someone knows, let me know 😃

That night we ended up watching Pay it Forward which is all about an 11 year old coming up with this idea of helping 3 people, then each person helps 3 people. 3, 9, 27 it grows and grows.. At some point in the movie the guy thinks his idea didn't work but turns out his movement took over few cities.. 

He starts something small but it becomes bigger than him and its not about him anymore.. It's about the impact it has on people and how people without knowing each other, they're just helping each other out, giving some love and not expecting anything in return.. 

Of course don't try to manipulate this by having the intention of getting something back while helping, doesn't work, it will backfire..


If anyone out there wants to help someone but thinks the other person will:

- be upset

- might be offended

- might not like it

- not get it

- get angry

Just go for it. You never know how you're going to touch someone's life.. Sometimes it means the world to them and they might not even tell you. And that's ok, its not about getting acknowledgement. And some will, so we were lucky ❤️

Wanted to share this story as we were so moved by it.. And i think i memorised the words on the card by now 😃

May you have someone paying your anniversary dinner as well 😂💙

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies 😘

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Spent the whole day with this beautiful woman @nathaliealburjas the other day.

We walked loads and came to this beautiful open space surrounded by trees. You know you're in your head when you're checking gps in a forest 😂

We climbed a tree, that 'right time to receive wisdom from trees' voice kicked in. I'm getting better at noticing it now. Just breathed deeply into my womb, exhaled loudly and became present, came back into my body.

Literally my whole perception shifted. Colours became brighter and the birds sang louder. Just in a moment, it shifts. Within a breath..

Then we had a coaching session under the trees and danced. So blissful to dance, move freely in a forest, sang a bit. Nearly everything I love in one day with a wonderful soul. Thank you goddess @nathaliealburjas 😍 ❤️

As we were on our way to leave, we found this beautiful garden with some walking areas. It was like from Beauty & the Beast or Secret Garden, incredible place.. Never knew that it was there.

We found our way out without gps 😉

Then we got all dressed up with high heels, dresses, red lipstick to go to a birthday party. The contrast 😂

Breathing is medicine. It's you giving yourself what you need. It's there for you to have it and its free! Easy to use, easy to forget😉 Its the gateway to bliss. Receive it, use it, enjoy it 💚

Happy Easter! 🐣💛

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Had a magical experience tonight..

So was going to have a healing session, it got cancelled and I got from my intuition to go @cuchira's movement therapy class when I saw her post yesterday.

I wasn't feeling it to be honest, was feeling all tired and icky and in my head. I tuned in and got 'get up, go' so I went without thinking about it too much.

Oh my god.. This woman is magic.. Serious magic. She doesn't just teach a mixture of yoga, dance, movement therapy, its something I never experienced before.. You know you experience something that you can't describe because its something unique coming from that one person..

I remembered how simple it is to breathe, yet I forgot. We moved intuitively, however our body felt, honest and as it is.. Then we allowed our bodies to meet and move together, it got all messy 😂 It brought up whole loads of stuff. I loved how what we do daily without being aware of, came up so quickly. Through being uncomfortable and asking why I got to a space where I was feeling all sad. I allowed the sadness to go all over my body completely. It was surrender. Then it went away. There was nothingness.

I was procrastinating over the last few weeks for starting the women's group I visioned, what its gonna be about etc.. From that nothingness, words, images came to me. It opened up at such ease. It was already there for me to have, I was getting in the way..

Initially I was gonna stay in and do a meditation tonight to receive what I needed to write in the group. I got it, plus I got so much more;) Just because I trusted my intuition..

After I left, I went into pret to eat some yumness, someone working there asked me if I liked coconut and offered me the coconut bite thingy for free without me even asking..

When women come together, magic happens. I saw that once more tonight. Thank you @cuchira for being you, allowing every single woman in the room to be themselves, unapologetically. What you're doing is indescribable in words, you're such an inspiration. Love you goddess 🙌🏼💜

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Something magical happens when you're free from your mind chatter and completely present with the person you are with..

Last weekend I went to complete another module with Animas Coaching, which was about presence.

We had an exercise where we were with a person while they talked for straight 10 mins. No questions, reactions, nothing. Just listening and allowing that person to be, say anything they want.

The person I was observing threw out everything she had in her mind, vulnerably telling her thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs and hopes.

It got to a point where she tired herself out of her ego and saw the answer herself. Literally guided herself to her answer..

I saw this happening when I was doing 12 weeks 'Artist's Way' program, Julia Cameron's book where you have to write 3 pages every day. For me, in the beginning, the first 2 pages were pure mind. Totally unrelated sentences stacking next to each other, almost a vomit of the mind. Last page would be the truth, what I'd love to do, my gifts, dreams etc. Thank God i don't have to write 3 pages of that to get to the truth now 😂

It was amazing to see that happening right then and there, shifting in 10 mins..

It's about witnessing your own pain. It can be painful to do but once the thoughts, beliefs, emotions are seen by you, once they're witnessed and named what they are, they loose their power.. The pain is gone. Not looking at them straight in the face creates even more pain than the pain itself.

It's about seeing them and not getting carried away. They are just concepts, not the truth.

The truth is..

No matter what our past is,

No matter how scared we are or 

No matter how we want to control the outcome..

We can be anything we want to be in any given moment..

That is the ultimate freedom 😉💛

Thank you Marcus, Laure, Erika and beautiful attendees for a wonderful weekend full of authenticity 💜✨

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