I’m on my way to Avebury now, going to Swindon first.

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I’m on my way to Avebury now, going to Swindon first. I said to the woman who was giving me this coffee who reminded me of my mum’s eyes, ‘You have incredible beautiful eyes.’ She lit up and said, ‘I wanted to tell you the same. They’re beautiful.’ We held our eye gaze for a bit, I felt the love, such an amazing feeling, to connect with another woman for a moment, whether you know her or not. Then she gave me the coffee for free ❤️


Always choose kindness ✨ And of course don’t use it to manipulate people to get your way 😂 (More on the Integrated Feminine Retreat later)



Being apart for another 3 weeks..

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Aaron is leaving for India this time. When we were at the airport it felt like we grew so much since the last time he was about to leave..


There was another couple there, crying their eyes out. After saying bye to my love, I watched them a bit. The guy literally surrendered to the woman in tears, sobbing.
I felt at ease. I feel this way when I see a man being vulnerable. When he drops how he 'should' be as a 'man' and he's just himself. When he says, 'I'm scared and have no idea what is going to happen.' I feel so much safer and can trust him more because he's not pretending.
I wanted to speak to the woman. After the guy left, she walked away from me. I went, 'oh well', letting it go. I went to grab something to eat, looked at my right side and there she was. I said to her, 'I just said goodbye to my boyfriend as well.' She smiled, turns out her boyfriend was going away for 2 months. We exchanged few words, she was way too raw I felt like, so I let her be. I went on the tube, reading my book 'The Prosperous Coach' (best book I read so far about coaching btw)
It came to me, behind all our personalities, roles, how we present ourselves, we are all human. And it's ok, you don't have to know what's unfolding. You don't have to have it all together. No one has anyway, even when they look like they have 😃
Have an amazing week! 🙌🏼
Love you ❤️


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You know what your path is, nobody else can know and lay it out for you.


As you were growing up, you might be given an image of who you should be feeling like you had to live up to that. You can't do anything that doesn't go with that image, because you won't be loved, accepted for who you are. You'll be abandoned if you're being yourself.
The truth is your family and your friends has their own idea of what they think is right. That might not be your truth and that's ok.
You don't have to justify yourself, because it makes sense for you and that's the most important thing. You don't have to prove yourself fitting into other people's ways. You don't have to compare or compete. You compare when you're not being yourself. There's no one like you, so there's nothing to compare to or to compete with when you are being you.
Having your own dream can feel lonely at times. Not many people might understand, feel or hear you.. Because you're the only one seeing and feeling your dream so clearly. But when you make that dream your reality, then people get it.
As you walk on your path, you'll have people leaving your life and people coming into your life. All these people walking on their path will start coming to you. Then you build a synergy together. You create together but you are you at the same time. You bring your unique gifts together and make a gorgeous mixture, because you both followed your own paths..
When you feel alone on your path, try these steps out:
- Ask yourself, 'How am I feeling right now?'
- Close your eyes and imagine your vision as its realised, it happened, its there for you to have.
- Imagine going into that vision. Be in it. Observe how that feels in your body, any images you get, any words you hear..
- Connect yourself to that whenever you feel lost, that's the direction you want to go to.
You're not going to see what the end of the path looks like. You don't have to anyway. If you did, it would be a bit boring. If you knew all the steps, there won't be any fun or adventure ☺️
Or knowing the steps, you might have been freaked out from what's coming next. That's why you're not revealed all the steps in one go. The next level doesn't get unlocked until you take the step, like a game 😉
And when you do that, things you've never even thought of will start coming your way..
Let me know your thoughts 🙏🏼
Loads of love! 😍



Your ability to ground yourself will be the measure of how quick you can grow.


We live in a physical plane, in a physical reality. You can meditate, leave your body, get loads of insights but when you come back, if you're not grounding it, anchoring it in your body, then the insight is not so useful.
You need a balance of both. You need the intuition (feminine) and you also need to take action (masculine).
If you're too floaty, then you'll never get stuff done, also your way of delivering your insights won't be clear. If you're too grounded, then you're going for a burnout and you won't feel fulfilled or achieved even when you reach your goals..
So here are few suggestions in how you can ground yourself:
- If you got an insight, tell it to someone assuming they don't know any of it. What will help them understand?
- Morning routine does magic. You can do 10 mins breathwork, 5 mins meditation, 10 mins journaling and you're good to start your day feeling grounded. (Message me if you've never done this and I'll send you info about how to do a simple morning routine)
- Spend time in nature, lay in a park barefoot. Imagine you're breathing in the Earth's energy into your heart and breathing out anything you no longer need from the soles of your feet.
How do you ground yourself? What did you do that helped you to fly but also come back down? Would love to hear your way 💫
Enjoy this gorgeous sun! 😍☀️
Sending you love ✨



Every person that has a successful, deep, vulnerable and loving relationship have also experienced the depths of their shadow.. No question.


I saw this photo the other day and I loved it! You might try to blame or shame that person but the very thing that you don't like about them is the side you're not accepting about yourself..
The good thing is its coming up to show you a lesson. To help you move forward, to liberate you from your chains so that you can be who you truly are.
Relationships fall apart, because you don't want to go there, you don't want to face your own shadow so you blame the other person for not showing up as how you want them to show up.
If you're not willing to take responsibility of what's coming up for you, there's no intimacy and connection. Only seperation, illusion and pain.
What ends relationships is not clearing the bagages as you go. A make up sex, a nice gesture after an argument make it look like the pain is gone, but it doesn't remove the pain. It overrides the pain, covers it.. Overtime, the pain becomes unbearable and because of the pile of uncleared stuff, the relationship falls apart..
Each time you get triggered, its an opportunity to heal and grow.. Each time you go into that space, communicate openly and get out of it together all clear, that's where you have higher love and more connection.
So the next time your partner triggers you, sit down together and do these:
- Express how you feel openly.
- Your partner listens to you without interrupting.
- When you're done, your partner gets a turn to speak.
- You do the same with listening.
It doesn't have to be complicated, this is simple. When you are listened without interruption, you're being seen, heard and honoured in your vulnerability of your shadow. It's super healing, vulnerable and so worth the time and energy..
What triggers you most in relationships? What's your immediate reaction when you get triggered? Comment below if you feel drawn to it ☺️🙏🏼
Have a wonderful week! 🌼
Much love to you 💚



Getting out of the head and coming back to heart is basically shifting from masculine energy to feminine energy. Masculine energy is super useful at times but its not great at being, feeling and receiving. So these are ways you can use to come back to your feminine energy which is all about connecting, feeling, being 💚

Female Breathing

Breathe deeply to your genitals and imagine the breath is going upwards to your heart and as you exhale from mouth loudly (aaaahhh) imagine the breath going out from your heart. You can use your hands alongside of your body as you move the breath. Do this few times in a cycle and you’ll feel like you want to move your body.


Move your body in a way you haven’t moved it before. Don’t think, feel. If you have an impulse to move a certain way, do it. There’s a 5 second rule, if you have the urge to do something, if you don’t do it, your mind will kick in and tell you stuff. The point is to keep moving before mind kicks in. And if it does, bring your awareness back to your body and keep moving. Explore, allow your moves to be weird or funny.


Sit down and write all your thoughts and how you feel. Uncensoring, as it is. Write until you feel like you are complete. This gets you out of your head, once you’ve written it, you see that it was all in your head, now its on the page. Nothing left for mind to work on.


Nature is medicine. Go into a forest or if you don’t have time, just go to your back garden or a park nearby. Take off your shoes, walk barefoot and feel how the soles of your feet feeling like. Feel the connection with nature. As you stand there, imagine red light from the core of the Earth shooting up to your legs all the way up to your heart. Then imagine white light coming down from sky to the top of your head to your heart. Red from Mother Nature and white from Father Sky makes pink in your heart, unconditional love. Imagine your whole body is being washed by this pink pure light. Do it for 2-3 mins at least.


Cook with intention. When you’re cooking imagine you’re giving love to the food you’re making, or imagine you’re cooking for a loved one. This will change the taste of the food and get you out of your head when cooking. Rather than doing it mechanically, you’ll do it with love. 


You don’t have to be good at it. Close your eyes and just make noises. aaaaa, iiiii, uuuuu. Hearing your own voice will make you stop thinking and become present. 

Try them out and see how you find them:) Feel free to let me know any other ways you found useful. 

Much love to you! 🌺 




Something magical happens when you're free from your mind chatter and completely present with the person you are with..

Last weekend I went to complete another module with Animas Coaching, which was about presence.

We had an exercise where we were with a person while they talked for straight 10 mins. No questions, reactions, nothing. Just listening and allowing that person to be, say anything they want.

The person I was observing threw out everything she had in her mind, vulnerably telling her thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs and hopes.

It got to a point where she tired herself out of her ego and saw the answer herself. Literally guided herself to her answer..

I saw this happening when I was doing 12 weeks 'Artist's Way' program, Julia Cameron's book where you have to write 3 pages every day. For me, in the beginning, the first 2 pages were pure mind. Totally unrelated sentences stacking next to each other, almost a vomit of the mind. Last page would be the truth, what I'd love to do, my gifts, dreams etc. Thank God i don't have to write 3 pages of that to get to the truth now 😂

It was amazing to see that happening right then and there, shifting in 10 mins..

It's about witnessing your own pain. It can be painful to do but once the thoughts, beliefs, emotions are seen by you, once they're witnessed and named what they are, they loose their power.. The pain is gone. Not looking at them straight in the face creates even more pain than the pain itself.

It's about seeing them and not getting carried away. They are just concepts, not the truth.

The truth is..

No matter what our past is,

No matter how scared we are or 

No matter how we want to control the outcome..

We can be anything we want to be in any given moment..

That is the ultimate freedom 😉💛

Thank you Marcus, Laure, Erika and beautiful attendees for a wonderful weekend full of authenticity 💜✨

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"What would be the one thing you couldn't live without doing?" ✨

I got asked this question recently and realised I'm doing that one thing all the time, helping & coaching people basically.

So I looked after children part time and I loved being around their playful energy. They're so much in the present moment!

I wanna write about 2 things happened with them which I didn't even realised I was doing it.

With one of the girls, we were playing parrot. Basically she was repeating what I was saying. We started off with 'hello, how are you' etc. Then I started saying 'you're beautiful, you're smart, you're loveable' she would repeat obviously starting with 'you.. You..' Then I thought, ok let's turn this game into a mini affirmation game. I started phrasing them as 'I'm beautiful, I'm smart, I'm loveable' then she'd repeat that. I could see how her face was changing as saying these. 

She actually came up to me few times to play that game and another girl asked me to play it too..

There's another game I play where I find out what children's love languages are. 

Love languages are 5 ways we feel loved (physical touch - words of affirmation - quality time - gifts - service). Somebody might fix your lamp for you to show their love but all you wanted was a hug.. For that person offering something might have the same effect. Its an any kind of relationship saver, look it up! Mine is in this order if you ever wanna make me feel loved btw😉

I'd ask the kids 'do you feel more loved when mummy buys you an ice cream or tells you she loves you?' or 'do you feel more loved when she hugs you or plays with you?'. So that I know what to do to make them feel loved and its super fun!

So I asked a kid 'what's your favourite thing in the world?' Its a great question btw to ask kids if you don't wanna ask adult questions like how was your day😄  He said 'my mum'. The convo went like this:

- Does your mum play with you?

- Yes

- Does your mum buy you gifts?

- Yes

- Does your mum tells you she loves you?

- No.

I felt the sadness and feeling of unloved in his voice. So I went:

- But she plays with you and buys you gifts right?

- Yes.

Obviously mum's love language was service and gifts whereas this kid's was words of affirmation and physical touch (kept hugging me).

- Ok, next time she buys you something or plays with you remember this is the way she shows her love. She might not say it but she tells her love by playing with you or buying gifts for you, ok?

He was looking at the floor the whole time we were speaking. First time ever he looked up and nodded smiling. I wasn't sure the whole time if he was getting all this, i mean he's 6-7, but I just knew he got it, when he looked at me. I was like 'YES!'. Nailed it! You know😄

My point is, your one thing is something that you're doing all the time knowingly or unknowingly.

If you're a dancer, you'll just dance nearly the whole time you're awake, on tube, in the kitchen..

If you're a writer or a poem, in every occasion to write, even for a christmas card, you'd throw out some magic in your writing.

If you're a helper, you'd help in every occasion without thinking.

Whatever you're doing that's natural for you to do no matter what your job is, is your gift.

Keep sharing it! The world needs more people like you just being themselves..

Love and magic 💜✨

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