Ego vs Truth 🔥

I felt inspired to share these videos in my stories yesterday. They’re about Ego vs Truth 😍


Here are some key takeaways:


🔥 When you make the unconscious conscious, you can make a new choice.
🔥 You are creating everything in your life.
🔥 You always have a choice.
If you want to:
✨ start creating what you love
✨ take ownership of your life
✨ shine bright
✨ share your gifts in the world
I’m available for 1-1 coaching sessions in person or online. Message me if you’re interested 😍
I love you 💛

I’m giving a talk next week! 😍

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I’ll be talking about how to differentiate our Ego from our truth and a practical tool to use in the moment to come back to truth and love 🤓


It’s for Animas, the coaching school I went to and it’s open to public! You can book your place through here 👇🏼
Tuesday 26th
Double Tree by Hilton West End
92 Southampton Row
See you there lovelies ❤️


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This post has been the hardest post I've written to this day taking out words from me with each tear, feeling each pain and each emotion.


Aaron and I seperated on Monday. It was our last day as a couple. We made the decision to seperate 5 weeks ago realising we've given each other everything we needed at this time, it was time to let go and be on our own for a while.


Since then we've been allowing ourselves to grieve, to feel and to celebrate what a wonderful and special relationship we created. We held breathwork journeys for each other, spoke about our memories together, had playful and fun time together, soaking up the last moments we have of our relationship. We wanted to do it in a way to honour our love and life together for the past year so we can go into friendship without any heaviness, resentment, sadness or anger.


I've never had a breakup this way before. It hasn't been easy. It has been a very loving, honouring but also a confronting process requiring us to be honest with ourselves and each other. It's the opposite of cutting each other off, two lovers becoming two strangers within hours after intimate months together, moving on like nothing happened. 


Rather than holding onto pain for months and years, we've been feeling the pain of letting each other go and releasing as we feel. Rather than crying out on our own or with a friend, we've been crying together. Rather than turning all the love to hate, we've been going deeper into love while transitioning into friendship. As we let go, we find a deeper layer of love underneath the sadness, underneath the resentment and the pain.


When you're getting to know someone you slowly go into the relationship, this felt like the same thing but on the other side of completing a relationship allowing us to not carry on any trauma to the next phase of our lives.


Part of me is excited to see what's ahead of me. Part of me is scared that I'll never find such a deep and loving connection ever again. My mind goes, it's insane to have this and let it go, how can there be something even deeper than this? Then my heart says, 'You've already made the hardest decisions in your life, just trust, I got you.' Then I take a step forward into the complete unknown not knowing what's next ✨


I've been feeling so grateful for the last few days for receiving such supportive and loving feedback about my recent posts telling me I'm brave to tell all of this. I feel like real bravery is willing to go deep within yourself, willing to dig deeper and deeper knowing you might not like what you find but still going until you hit the gold. There's a deep sadness, deep loneliness within me that I discovered recently as I write more. I didn't know it was there before. That's gold for me because that's what makes this post happen.


I feel grateful to have been with a man with whom I went into the depths of my darkness together. I feel grateful to have been with a man who can see right through me and love all that I am. I feel grateful to have been with a man who stays by my side lovingly even when I try to push him away. 


This has been a magical, beautiful, transformational year full of growth, deep love, deep intimacy and lots of fun. We were two people who grown into two completely different people. The intensity of shift felt like ten years fitting into one year.


The last five weeks we've been through together has been a ride, beautiful, loving and honouring. Now its time to journey and grow on our own. Aaron's off to Panama in few hours for three weeks, I'm staying in London focusing on my 1-1 sessions, writing and workshops 🙏🏼


If you're going through a seperation, breakup, grief and want to talk, PM me, would love to listen to you. Know that you're not alone and you're meant to feel as a humanbeing 💙


Loads of love to you 💚



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You know what your path is, nobody else can know and lay it out for you.


As you were growing up, you might be given an image of who you should be feeling like you had to live up to that. You can't do anything that doesn't go with that image, because you won't be loved, accepted for who you are. You'll be abandoned if you're being yourself.
The truth is your family and your friends has their own idea of what they think is right. That might not be your truth and that's ok.
You don't have to justify yourself, because it makes sense for you and that's the most important thing. You don't have to prove yourself fitting into other people's ways. You don't have to compare or compete. You compare when you're not being yourself. There's no one like you, so there's nothing to compare to or to compete with when you are being you.
Having your own dream can feel lonely at times. Not many people might understand, feel or hear you.. Because you're the only one seeing and feeling your dream so clearly. But when you make that dream your reality, then people get it.
As you walk on your path, you'll have people leaving your life and people coming into your life. All these people walking on their path will start coming to you. Then you build a synergy together. You create together but you are you at the same time. You bring your unique gifts together and make a gorgeous mixture, because you both followed your own paths..
When you feel alone on your path, try these steps out:
- Ask yourself, 'How am I feeling right now?'
- Close your eyes and imagine your vision as its realised, it happened, its there for you to have.
- Imagine going into that vision. Be in it. Observe how that feels in your body, any images you get, any words you hear..
- Connect yourself to that whenever you feel lost, that's the direction you want to go to.
You're not going to see what the end of the path looks like. You don't have to anyway. If you did, it would be a bit boring. If you knew all the steps, there won't be any fun or adventure ☺️
Or knowing the steps, you might have been freaked out from what's coming next. That's why you're not revealed all the steps in one go. The next level doesn't get unlocked until you take the step, like a game 😉
And when you do that, things you've never even thought of will start coming your way..
Let me know your thoughts 🙏🏼
Loads of love! 😍


I've been doing experiential healing lately. And I'm grateful for having received loads of those from my boyfriend. Relationships bring up a lot of stuff so what we do is as they come up we clear them there and then so they stop coming up ✌🏼


I do them in my sessions as well when they're needed. They're basically a super fast way to move forward. Let's say you believe 'I can't have what I want, if I have, it will be taken away from me.' We feel into it and go back to a moment where you felt it strongly, sometime in the childhood. You talk to the person as if they were there, they talk back, you understand where they're coming from, you forgive and love them. That thing stops showing up. It can show up as a thought form but has no emotional charge around. Works with traumatic experiences, clears it all. Pretty magic.. You can do it on your own too. But I've been lazy, I ask Aaron to do it 😃
One powerful thing I keep seeing again and again is that forgiveness is so important to release any energy around something, a person or a situation.
So allowing yourself to feel, then forgiving. Forgiving the person for what they did or didn't.. Seeing and understanding their pain, seeing the reason behind why they showed up in the way they did.
We're all born as pure love. Something has to have happened to someone for them to show up with no love.
I had one the other day where I saw that one of my ex just didn't own anything he created, kept blaming others. Through this healing process, I saw that he just didn't know any other way, that was the best he could do at that time. Knowing that you can't really carry on resenting and being angry at someone. You just have compassion and understanding for them.
Forgiveness doesn't mean you agree with what they're doing, it just means you don't want to carry on holding a hot coal, you let it go..
It's forgiving yourself as much as forgiving others. For making a mistake, for not speaking up, for being mean to yourself, forgiving all those times.. It's total freedom..
Message me if you have a pattern coming up that you want to clear. Much love to you! 💛
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🌺 Coming Back into the Heart 🌺

I'm here laying down under a tree.. Dropping back into my body and I feel drawn to write and share with you.

Up until this point, I've been more masculine, driven and quite 'mindy'. It has been super useful, I get things done but it doesn't allow me to enjoy the journey or feel so much.

This morning, I realised I didn't allow myself to be playful because I assumed that life is serious and there are things to do. I needed to do these things before I can be playful..

I would create even more things to do and I'd never get to the point of being playful lol.

If I got a message from my intuition about being vulnerable and being me, I'd go 'ok gotta do this to be vulnerable now'. Or the other day I went to Hampstead Heath and I was like 'right, time to receive wisdom from trees' 😃  its quite funny actually.. I became all serious and disconnected from myself and others, because I'm in the head.

As soon as I let go of what I 'need' to do or be, I bring whatever I want to be or do into that moment..

It doesn't have to be complicated. It's quite simple actually. We're the ones making it complicated, then there is something to 'figure' out. There's something for the mind to work on.

The truth is there's nothing to work on. There are things to do, yes, but things can be done in a playful way, even the serious stuff. It's about doing this but having fun in the process. Bringing softness into it. Then there is joy and flow 💜

Sacred Earth - Bliss, awesome song to get out of your head and come back into your heart 😉💞✨

Feel free to message me btw to ask ways to get into the heart from the mind, I've accumulated a whole list of things by now 😂

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Something magical happens when you're free from your mind chatter and completely present with the person you are with..

Last weekend I went to complete another module with Animas Coaching, which was about presence.

We had an exercise where we were with a person while they talked for straight 10 mins. No questions, reactions, nothing. Just listening and allowing that person to be, say anything they want.

The person I was observing threw out everything she had in her mind, vulnerably telling her thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs and hopes.

It got to a point where she tired herself out of her ego and saw the answer herself. Literally guided herself to her answer..

I saw this happening when I was doing 12 weeks 'Artist's Way' program, Julia Cameron's book where you have to write 3 pages every day. For me, in the beginning, the first 2 pages were pure mind. Totally unrelated sentences stacking next to each other, almost a vomit of the mind. Last page would be the truth, what I'd love to do, my gifts, dreams etc. Thank God i don't have to write 3 pages of that to get to the truth now 😂

It was amazing to see that happening right then and there, shifting in 10 mins..

It's about witnessing your own pain. It can be painful to do but once the thoughts, beliefs, emotions are seen by you, once they're witnessed and named what they are, they loose their power.. The pain is gone. Not looking at them straight in the face creates even more pain than the pain itself.

It's about seeing them and not getting carried away. They are just concepts, not the truth.

The truth is..

No matter what our past is,

No matter how scared we are or 

No matter how we want to control the outcome..

We can be anything we want to be in any given moment..

That is the ultimate freedom 😉💛

Thank you Marcus, Laure, Erika and beautiful attendees for a wonderful weekend full of authenticity 💜✨

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Today I went to a cacao ceremony Rebekah Shaman did. I got 3 main things..

Usually I rush to future and always look for my next steps. This time when I asked for my next steps, it was all about acknowledging how far I came. Really took time to see how I transformed my life completely in less than 6 months..
Literally 6 months ago, I accepted that architecture was not my thing. I love children, so I started working part-time in a primary school and as a nanny, also giving coaching sessions at the side. 5 months later, both jobs came to a completion. Now I have all the time and energy to focus on my individual coaching sessions, workshops for children and parents and women's circles that I will start soon..
I acknowledged how much I matured, owned myself and took responsibility for creating my reality especially when I sabogated myself..

My mum and dad went back to Turkey today. It was a magical week on so many levels..

They came to my workshop and even acknowledged my shamanic powers, I did healing/clearing blockages on them which they received so openly. I thought I can never be that with them. Being yourself as you are, with your parents, is freedom.. Also seeing parents as they are, not just 'parents' comes down to forgiveness and unconditional love. They do so much for us, all we can do is love them back with all our heart really..

Another thing was in the last week I was surprised to see how I was scared of money, thinking its dangerous, afraid to loose it if I have it and even assuming I'll be abandoned if I have it..

So I set the intention to clear my blockages around money. I love transforming people's lives, I do for the love of it. I basically saw that when I share my gifts, I give out so much love. And people giving me money for that is basically a form of love. I saw that money is love, its about learning to receive love.


Last thing I got was spending time in nature. Like for real.. every day. And writing every morning. I saw that I really need that silent time to integrate things, learn the lesson and move on.. I'm super quick generally in integrating but saw that doing this will take me on a whole new level.

It's the little things you do every day that makes a difference..

Oh and I'll be sharing more of what I learn, what I go through.. Openly and vulnerably 😉 💛

Thanks for reading, much love to you all 😍 ❤️ ✨

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