As a woman, your receptivity, your softness and your sensitivity are your superpowers. 

You don’t have to control every outcome.

You don’t have to analyse and overthink everything.

You don’t have to become rigid to get stuff done.
You don’t have to close your heart to protect yourself.
There is a softness and receptivity that comes with slowing down and a radiance that comes with an open heart.
I created Goddess Circles, an embodiment workshop for women, a safe and loving space where women get to feel this, where they connect with their feminine power and come back home to themselves.
There are 3 LAST SPACES left for tonight.
Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden
Tonight 22nd April
You can book your space through the link in bio ✨
I’d love to have you there 🌺
Enjoy this gorgeous sun today!
I love you ❤️


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Your sensuality is your power. Your sensitivity, your beauty, your softness, all of it is..


You might have guilt and shame around your body, around yourself. You might feel like you need to dim your light, you can't just openly say you love yourself and you find yourself beautiful because of the judgment you believe you'll get.
The truth is you have a unique beauty, so does everyone else. Comparing makes no sense as you're here to shine your beauty, not to be more like someone else's beauty.
When you embody your own beauty, without comforming to any idea of what beauty is, you see the beauty you have within yourself as well as your outer beauty.
Here is a ritual you can do to embrace and be ok with your sensuality:
- Put this song on: Deva Premal - Om Hraum Mitraya.
- Get naked infront of a mirror.
- Touch all parts of your body saying sorry for not paying attention to this part as much then sending love to it.
- When you're done with everywhere, look into your eyes and say, 'I love you as you are. You are beautiful.'
If you have resistance to this process, that's ok. I was resistant at first thinking you can't fake it if you don't feel it, but it doesn't matter. Saying the words out loud have a profound effect on your body.. Just keep going ☺️💚
Seeing your beauty and femininity is one of the most loving thing you can do for yourself. Then you don't take on anything you don't want in your life. You know your light, your power, your gift and you are fully expressing that..
Which part of your body do you love the most? Comment below beautiful people 😍❤️
Sending you loads of love ☺️🙏🏼

I became more feminine over the last few years, so did my body..

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I'm lucky that I didn't have massive body issues in my life, but what I did struggle with, was being in my body and loving it fully. 


I was so much in my head, totally disconnected from my body. I couldn't listen to my body and didn't know when it needed a rest.


When I started to connect with my body, I started to have love for this gorgeous temple I'm in. I was so surprised in how much you can learn from your own body.
Your body is talking to you every day. How you treat yourself will be reflected in your body. As I listen to my body, I can communicate with it and receive wisdom from it. I can have compassion and understanding for it.
I realise that the more that you grow, the more that your body changes. I became more feminine over the last few years, so did my body.
When you change something in your life, especially around femininity and masculinity, your body changes too. You relate to your body differently. It's a great reflection of the progress you make 😉
Loads of love to you 💞


I had an intense few days. Here's an update ☺️

I held a goddess circle for the first time!

After a lot of 'what the hell am I doing', 'I'm actually choosing to walk into the unknown, this is insane', scared of not being taken seriously, I decided to do it anyway.

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do in 3 hours but I just knew it was going to be about honouring the divine feminine in each other.

It started and I can't really explain in words. It was me talking, but not really me. Something in me was going 'say this now' and I'd say it each time. Total unknown.. Ego was still there, very quietly though. 2-3 times it went 'ok, now what?' And I just tuned in asked what I should do and knew the answer. I didn't know what to do next until the moment arrived.

It wasn't about me really, I understood what it meant to 'hold space' to create space for someone so the transformation happens. I didn't have to know what that looked like. It was such an honour and privilege to do that.

In the end, a woman expressed how she felt that her feminine essence was honoured.. Which was my intention for doing those circles in the first place with exact words! I was amazed at how when you hold an intention in your consciousness no matter what, that realises itself.

Then after not having much rest (resting is a big thing for me, learning to do that lol), I went to Mind Body Fest to Sophie Bashford's talk few days after. I don't usually read the descriptions or reviews of events. I read the title, look into the speaker's eyes and feel into if I should be there, this was a definite yes. So I went with Sarah and Lauren.

I thought she was going to speak for 2 hours and we were going to listen. That did not happen 😃

She's basically an intuitive and a channeler, such a strong soul you can feel it. She guided us through a deep meditation as we sat in circles.

Our body restores pain and emotions. Anything unexpressed or unreleased sits somewhere in the body until we shed light onto it. 

It hit a big one for me when this fear of being seen, fear of expressing my truth came up. It was as strong as fear of death. 'If I share my wisdom, I'll be laughed at, I'll die'. There's something magical about when the pain is witnessed, it looses its power. Going through the pain, it went away..

Somebody called me Goddess for the first time months ago and now I really understand what she meant. She was addressing to the side of me that just knows, the soft divine side of me, we, women all have. We just forget that we can have that, be that, express that and live by that. It's safe to express that voice Goddess. You can be that voice Goddess at any given moment you wish.

I saw it once more, loud and clear, I will be empowering women to be in their divine feminine, all my life. My pleasure to do so ☺️💜

Thank you Lauren and Sarah for being there for me 💙

The next Goddess Circle is on 15 May if you'd like to join --> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/goddess-circle-honour-your-f…


Spent the whole day with this beautiful woman @nathaliealburjas the other day.

We walked loads and came to this beautiful open space surrounded by trees. You know you're in your head when you're checking gps in a forest 😂

We climbed a tree, that 'right time to receive wisdom from trees' voice kicked in. I'm getting better at noticing it now. Just breathed deeply into my womb, exhaled loudly and became present, came back into my body.

Literally my whole perception shifted. Colours became brighter and the birds sang louder. Just in a moment, it shifts. Within a breath..

Then we had a coaching session under the trees and danced. So blissful to dance, move freely in a forest, sang a bit. Nearly everything I love in one day with a wonderful soul. Thank you goddess @nathaliealburjas 😍 ❤️

As we were on our way to leave, we found this beautiful garden with some walking areas. It was like from Beauty & the Beast or Secret Garden, incredible place.. Never knew that it was there.

We found our way out without gps 😉

Then we got all dressed up with high heels, dresses, red lipstick to go to a birthday party. The contrast 😂

Breathing is medicine. It's you giving yourself what you need. It's there for you to have it and its free! Easy to use, easy to forget😉 Its the gateway to bliss. Receive it, use it, enjoy it 💚

Happy Easter! 🐣💛

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🌺 Coming Back into the Heart 🌺

I'm here laying down under a tree.. Dropping back into my body and I feel drawn to write and share with you.

Up until this point, I've been more masculine, driven and quite 'mindy'. It has been super useful, I get things done but it doesn't allow me to enjoy the journey or feel so much.

This morning, I realised I didn't allow myself to be playful because I assumed that life is serious and there are things to do. I needed to do these things before I can be playful..

I would create even more things to do and I'd never get to the point of being playful lol.

If I got a message from my intuition about being vulnerable and being me, I'd go 'ok gotta do this to be vulnerable now'. Or the other day I went to Hampstead Heath and I was like 'right, time to receive wisdom from trees' 😃  its quite funny actually.. I became all serious and disconnected from myself and others, because I'm in the head.

As soon as I let go of what I 'need' to do or be, I bring whatever I want to be or do into that moment..

It doesn't have to be complicated. It's quite simple actually. We're the ones making it complicated, then there is something to 'figure' out. There's something for the mind to work on.

The truth is there's nothing to work on. There are things to do, yes, but things can be done in a playful way, even the serious stuff. It's about doing this but having fun in the process. Bringing softness into it. Then there is joy and flow 💜

Sacred Earth - Bliss, awesome song to get out of your head and come back into your heart 😉💞✨

Feel free to message me btw to ask ways to get into the heart from the mind, I've accumulated a whole list of things by now 😂

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