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Time to talk about joy!


Joy is like feeling alive, feeling passionate and excited about what is possible in this life. This is the emotion I feel most easily. It's naturally there.
You might feel like what's the point to all this, life is just hard, confusing, leaves you in difficult situations, overwhelmed. Then you want to just give up, shut down and hold yourself in that heavy, lonely place. Its as if you want to punish yourself and others by keeping you miserable, proving yourself that life is miserable.
But actually you always have a choice in any moment. You can choose to feel joy same as you choose to hold yourself in that misery. It's not fake until you make it, its when you feel all emotions that most people avoid to feel, fear, anger, sadness etc and release it by fully feeling, you'll naturally feel more joy. The lower you can go, the higher you can go. Rather than running around with sacks of potatoes, you let them go, so you are lighter, more expanded and alive.
People I see with most joy are actually the ones that are honest with themselves, who feel all the emotions. Then when they do feel joy, passion, happiness they feel much more. Whenever I cry loads, I feel a wave of joy and aliveness wash over me after.
Whenever you feel joy, feel it fully, put your hand on your heart, close your eyes and anchor this moment in your heart, knowing that whenever you put your hand on your heart, you'll feel it again. Your body remembers even when you forget.
If you want to laugh, allow yourself to laugh hysterically. If you're worried what other people will think, know that they're just people and after 15 mins they'll forget what you did anyway, they have their own shit going on, they're worried what other people will think as well 😂
So how do you connect to that joy?
Follow these steps:
- Always acknowledge how you are feeling in this moment. Know that it doesn't define who you are.
- Imagine yourself in the future as your best self, whole, complete, exactly how you want to be and even better.
- Ask them, 'What's my next inspired action to connect to my joy?'
- It doesn't have to make sense, don't judge it, just follow that.
Whenever you doubt something, always ask your higher or future self. It's empowering yourself to find your own answers rather than asking others.
What brings you joy? What makes you feel fully alive? Comment below 💥
Wishing you a gorgeous rest of the weekend 🙌🏼✨

🌺 Coming Back into the Heart 🌺

I'm here laying down under a tree.. Dropping back into my body and I feel drawn to write and share with you.

Up until this point, I've been more masculine, driven and quite 'mindy'. It has been super useful, I get things done but it doesn't allow me to enjoy the journey or feel so much.

This morning, I realised I didn't allow myself to be playful because I assumed that life is serious and there are things to do. I needed to do these things before I can be playful..

I would create even more things to do and I'd never get to the point of being playful lol.

If I got a message from my intuition about being vulnerable and being me, I'd go 'ok gotta do this to be vulnerable now'. Or the other day I went to Hampstead Heath and I was like 'right, time to receive wisdom from trees' 😃  its quite funny actually.. I became all serious and disconnected from myself and others, because I'm in the head.

As soon as I let go of what I 'need' to do or be, I bring whatever I want to be or do into that moment..

It doesn't have to be complicated. It's quite simple actually. We're the ones making it complicated, then there is something to 'figure' out. There's something for the mind to work on.

The truth is there's nothing to work on. There are things to do, yes, but things can be done in a playful way, even the serious stuff. It's about doing this but having fun in the process. Bringing softness into it. Then there is joy and flow 💜

Sacred Earth - Bliss, awesome song to get out of your head and come back into your heart 😉💞✨

Feel free to message me btw to ask ways to get into the heart from the mind, I've accumulated a whole list of things by now 😂

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I have a story to share with you all.

2 weeks ago my phone died, literally dead, no life. And our house didn't have a broadband for a bit due to people moving in and out. Plus I forgot my watch at my friend's house 😃

So I was there like no phone, no internet, no watch. Totally disconnected from the world and I don't know the time.

Partly it happened because this is the time I really started being in my power and started creating things I love doing. It was like, 'ok let's disconnect and distract you a bit'. Once I saw that though, I relaxed, I thought I'll just enjoy this few days without a phone.

It turned out to be magical.

Usually I listen to music when I walk, didn't have that so only option was to be present and look around. Same on the tube, it felt like I'm seeing things for the first time. I thought I was pretty present normally, but this was like a new level.

I used the internet once a day from a cafe nearby to contact some people. So told my friend who I was meeting up the next day the situation, and we agreed on a time and place to meet up. I asked people how to get there, looked for signs and stuff. Literally everything pushed me to be present and surrender. No control whatsoever.

My friend arrived saying 'Sorry I'm late'. It was kinda funny because time didn't exist for me in those last few days. I had more space than having more time.

I only knew the time from the board in the underground btw:) somehow not having a watch nor phone, I was super on time. Didn't have a phone to distract myself basically.

Then.. I bought a new phone. Put on there my emails, apps and all that.

I realised all the photos were gone, weren't backed on icloud. Half of my contacts and all my notes.. Where I write stuff down when things come to me.. I was like oh my god.. Felt super down.. I was actually attaching myself to all those magical experiences I had in the last 2-3 months.

I came home and I had a package. My boyfriend sent me the book "Letting Go". So funny:) basically saying 'ok time to start from scratch'..

It was freedom once I surrendered and let go of trying to control and to know..

Being present with whatever experience you're having is the best way to go through it. When you're present, you realise it's not as bad, as scary as you imagined it to be. It just is. And that's when you surrender. Then everything just relaxes and falls into place..

Now I'm super happy with my new phone and few photos I got 😄

Much love to you all 💜 🔮