I totally forgot to share that ...


… One Tribe Magazine started to publish my writing every month 😍 First one is the January edition, second one is the December ❤️ 


Your time and presence are the best gifts you can give to anyone and I’m grateful for every time you choose giving that to receive what I write. I will never take it for granted 🙏🏼


How I write..

how i write.jpg

People tell me they love my posts and I sound really confident in them. Sometimes I don't feel confident at all, definitely not while I'm writing them.


To get to that point of having the post out there has ups and downs. Sometimes they just come out in 15 mins, sometimes I put off writing about that topic few days. Later on it comes back haunting me, then I definitely have to write about it like the one I posted today 😃


Each time I post, I have bit of resistance. Sometimes I feel excited to get it out there, sometimes I feel scared and sometimes I feel super anxious that I don't check my phone for another half an hour because I don't want to see the response. I got asked once, 'Do you ever feel anxious?' So hell yeah 😂


I don't write things that I don't have experience of either. That's why they feel so raw, open and vulnerable to me sometimes, but I still do it hey. Things I talk about in the sessions, posts, I live it myself. Otherwise its not honest and authentic. You'd feel it anyway if I wasn't authentic.


Also to write a post or explore that topic in the session I need to get to a point of completion, where I learnt a lesson about it, otherwise I can't share. I'd still have blindspots around it. I'd write it from Ego, I'd project to you, almost like looking through a tainted glass rather than a clear glass.. 


I don't wait until I got it all together either because I can always learn and grow around it. But I share it once I reach a point of, 'Oh cool, I can talk about this now.'


I write for myself as much as you guys. I love sharing and its cathartic for me too. It makes me feel like I don't have anything to hide now.. I honestly still feel surprised at how beautifully people respond to the vulnerability.. Each time I do it, I feel like I've grown a bit more, I expanded a bit more..


So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful support and following what I write.. It means a lot 😍 Loads more to come hehe 💞


Love you 💛✨



Spent the whole day with this beautiful woman @nathaliealburjas the other day.

We walked loads and came to this beautiful open space surrounded by trees. You know you're in your head when you're checking gps in a forest 😂

We climbed a tree, that 'right time to receive wisdom from trees' voice kicked in. I'm getting better at noticing it now. Just breathed deeply into my womb, exhaled loudly and became present, came back into my body.

Literally my whole perception shifted. Colours became brighter and the birds sang louder. Just in a moment, it shifts. Within a breath..

Then we had a coaching session under the trees and danced. So blissful to dance, move freely in a forest, sang a bit. Nearly everything I love in one day with a wonderful soul. Thank you goddess @nathaliealburjas 😍 ❤️

As we were on our way to leave, we found this beautiful garden with some walking areas. It was like from Beauty & the Beast or Secret Garden, incredible place.. Never knew that it was there.

We found our way out without gps 😉

Then we got all dressed up with high heels, dresses, red lipstick to go to a birthday party. The contrast 😂

Breathing is medicine. It's you giving yourself what you need. It's there for you to have it and its free! Easy to use, easy to forget😉 Its the gateway to bliss. Receive it, use it, enjoy it 💚

Happy Easter! 🐣💛

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