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These were the posts you guys liked or commented on the most in 2018 ❤️ (On Instagram really but pretty much the same on here)


I’m deeply grateful for all of you, for reading what I write (it’s ok if you don’t read until the end, I know they’re long 😃), for sharing the posts, for commenting your experience and your emotions. I appreciate and value all of them and all of you.
When I’m sharing vulnerable topics, I don’t share to be witnessed or to be seen. If I’m sharing it, it means I’ve already done this part with someone. I share when I feel that it will serve someone. Even if it serves one person, I’ve done my job. For this reason, there are many things I don’t share because it just doesn’t serve anyone to know the information.
I share when I feel complete about something. If it’s still ongoing, I share at a point where I reach certain level of awareness around it.
I want to make it clear that I have anxieties, fears, insecurities from time to time like everyone. I naturally don’t want to be vulnerable. My Ego doesn’t like it. I believe if I am, people will find out there is something bad about me and will run away. So for me, it’s a constant practice of getting over it and being open because I know it serves. The more I share, there’s a momentum that builds and you guys getting so much out of them and sharing what it did for you just keeps me going 🙏🏼
A massive THANK YOU to you all again for showing up, being here and doing the work.
You are so loved ❤️
I’d love to know what you want me to write more about this year. Comment below or message me 😍

10 days ago, I went to the Hay House UK’s Writer’s Workshop in Bristol ❤️


The speakers were:

✨ Reid Tracy ~ CEO of Hay House

✨ Michelle Pilley ~ Publisher and Managing Director of Hay House UK
✨ Julia Cameron ~ Author of The Artist’s Way
✨ David Hamilton ~ Author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
It was beautiful to see how humble they were. While reaching thousands of people, they kept their humanness, passion and love for doing what they do. They purely wanted to give and serve and wanted nothing in return. When you serve from a place of truth and generosity, not manipulation people receive and they truly shift.
I asked a question on the second day feeling super nervous. I found many reasons to talk myself out of asking it. Then I felt that resistance I feel when I know something is true to do. So I asked and got the answer. As soon as I sat down, the woman sitting behind me recommended me the book I exactly needed. She couldn’t have done that if I didn’t stand up and asked my question. If in doubt, ask that question 😉💛
I thought I’d feel a little daunted knowing about the process of getting your book out there but it was so inspiring to find out about it all. And so lovely to hang out with my friends Nicolas, Marium, Karin and meet so many beautiful people on their writing journey ✨
Thank you Hay House for organising and holding such a beautiful and informative event. You change so many lives ❤️
Have a gorgeous evening!

How I write..

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People tell me they love my posts and I sound really confident in them. Sometimes I don't feel confident at all, definitely not while I'm writing them.


To get to that point of having the post out there has ups and downs. Sometimes they just come out in 15 mins, sometimes I put off writing about that topic few days. Later on it comes back haunting me, then I definitely have to write about it like the one I posted today 😃


Each time I post, I have bit of resistance. Sometimes I feel excited to get it out there, sometimes I feel scared and sometimes I feel super anxious that I don't check my phone for another half an hour because I don't want to see the response. I got asked once, 'Do you ever feel anxious?' So hell yeah 😂


I don't write things that I don't have experience of either. That's why they feel so raw, open and vulnerable to me sometimes, but I still do it hey. Things I talk about in the sessions, posts, I live it myself. Otherwise its not honest and authentic. You'd feel it anyway if I wasn't authentic.


Also to write a post or explore that topic in the session I need to get to a point of completion, where I learnt a lesson about it, otherwise I can't share. I'd still have blindspots around it. I'd write it from Ego, I'd project to you, almost like looking through a tainted glass rather than a clear glass.. 


I don't wait until I got it all together either because I can always learn and grow around it. But I share it once I reach a point of, 'Oh cool, I can talk about this now.'


I write for myself as much as you guys. I love sharing and its cathartic for me too. It makes me feel like I don't have anything to hide now.. I honestly still feel surprised at how beautifully people respond to the vulnerability.. Each time I do it, I feel like I've grown a bit more, I expanded a bit more..


So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful support and following what I write.. It means a lot 😍 Loads more to come hehe 💞


Love you 💛✨



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I'm seeing more and more how important it is to feel the emotions. Any emotion, not just the happy and more uplifting ones..

At first it might feel like dying, super scary and dangerous. But that's just a protective layer of illusion to keep you away from them.

For a long time I decided to live in my head and always plan stuff until a year ago really. The life coach I had back then always used to ask me 'How do you feel?' I'd even start that sentence with 'I think I feel..' 😃

I do breathwork once in a while. How it works is you breathe in from the mouth out from the mouth and everything you've been suppressing in your body starts coming up. Usually my hands and mouth go a bit weird:) Then you shout, kick your legs and arms to release. It's really painful, like physically painful for me in the chest and in my hands. Each time I do it, I see how much pain I cause myself by not expressing how I feel in the moment. There's another one im going to on Monday, let's see how that one goes😉

In the Goddess Circles I give, there's a part where we drop into our bodies, allowing any feelings to come up. It's so beautiful to watch this. It's like watching bravery and freedom. Honestly, I learn a lot from those brave warriors.

I sometimes get days where I'm like 'I'm constantly working on myself and even the same topics keep coming up. This is never ending.' It is never ending;) But each time you go in, feel and release you become freer, lighter and move forward easier.. You feel more fulfilled and comfortable in who you are ✨

It's not a weakness to cry or look like you haven't got it all together. The opposite, its raw and beautiful. It shows that you're a human. That you're actually trying, feeling, opening up your heart, falling, getting up and trying again. So worth the risk 😉

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I'm back to posting regularly everyone, had a transformational May at so many levels.. Will be sharing loads later on 😉

For now, I'd like to share something magic that happened the other day ✨

A week ago or so @aaronleconte and I went into our regular Indian restaurant, we go there nearly every week its so wonderful.. 

This guy walks in and tells the waitress its their 3rd year anniversary. I go 'awww how cute' 😍

Then we start talking about if we should pay for their desert, drink or something. After good 20 mins of tuning in, checking and make sure its true and we're not crossing boundaries or anything, we ask the waitress if we can pay their whole meal. (We ask her to make sure its their anniversary😃) She goes 'No, sometimes that's a problem. Some customers wouldn't like that'. I'm like this is not acceptable, we tuned in and its true, it needs to happen😂 

We ask her again, this time asking if that ever happened. She says no. We just look at her. Then she suggests to go and ask her manager. She does. We wait. She comes back telling us yeah we can do that 🙌🏼

So we write them a note on the napkin, something like, "May you have many more years full of magic, joy and love together, Isik & Aaron" surrounded by loads of hearts 💜

We pay and hand the note over to the waitress to give it to the couple. Then we leave.

A week later, yesterday Aaron goes to the same restaurant to get us food to eat at mine. He comes back with amazing food and a card that says 'For Isik & Aaron, from Louis + Trish' on it. I'm like 'Who are Louis and Trish?' I keep asking and he just smiles, im getting agitated by that point that Aaron's not answering. Then the penny drops and I'm like, 'Oh my god, is it that couple??'. Aaron laughs ☺️

I open it and start reading it out loud. After the first sentence I loose it, crying my eyes out, handing it over to Aaron. The words, card and the painting at the front which feels like they did.. Powerful energy was flowing out of it..

It said,

"To Isik and Aaron,

Thank you for your kind gesture.

We will never forget the gift you gave us; in a time when hope and magic may seem lost. We will be telling this story for many years!

Trish & Louis x"

So magic.. Last sentence really hit me, how such a small gesture can have a huge impact.. I wasn't really expecting to hear from then again and here they were writing us something coming from their heart without even meeting us.. 

They also had #shibumi written on the left side which we couldn't solve what that meant.. So if someone knows, let me know 😃

That night we ended up watching Pay it Forward which is all about an 11 year old coming up with this idea of helping 3 people, then each person helps 3 people. 3, 9, 27 it grows and grows.. At some point in the movie the guy thinks his idea didn't work but turns out his movement took over few cities.. 

He starts something small but it becomes bigger than him and its not about him anymore.. It's about the impact it has on people and how people without knowing each other, they're just helping each other out, giving some love and not expecting anything in return.. 

Of course don't try to manipulate this by having the intention of getting something back while helping, doesn't work, it will backfire..


If anyone out there wants to help someone but thinks the other person will:

- be upset

- might be offended

- might not like it

- not get it

- get angry

Just go for it. You never know how you're going to touch someone's life.. Sometimes it means the world to them and they might not even tell you. And that's ok, its not about getting acknowledgement. And some will, so we were lucky ❤️

Wanted to share this story as we were so moved by it.. And i think i memorised the words on the card by now 😃

May you have someone paying your anniversary dinner as well 😂💙

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies 😘

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