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I'm seeing more and more how important it is to feel the emotions. Any emotion, not just the happy and more uplifting ones..

At first it might feel like dying, super scary and dangerous. But that's just a protective layer of illusion to keep you away from them.

For a long time I decided to live in my head and always plan stuff until a year ago really. The life coach I had back then always used to ask me 'How do you feel?' I'd even start that sentence with 'I think I feel..' 😃

I do breathwork once in a while. How it works is you breathe in from the mouth out from the mouth and everything you've been suppressing in your body starts coming up. Usually my hands and mouth go a bit weird:) Then you shout, kick your legs and arms to release. It's really painful, like physically painful for me in the chest and in my hands. Each time I do it, I see how much pain I cause myself by not expressing how I feel in the moment. There's another one im going to on Monday, let's see how that one goes😉

In the Goddess Circles I give, there's a part where we drop into our bodies, allowing any feelings to come up. It's so beautiful to watch this. It's like watching bravery and freedom. Honestly, I learn a lot from those brave warriors.

I sometimes get days where I'm like 'I'm constantly working on myself and even the same topics keep coming up. This is never ending.' It is never ending;) But each time you go in, feel and release you become freer, lighter and move forward easier.. You feel more fulfilled and comfortable in who you are ✨

It's not a weakness to cry or look like you haven't got it all together. The opposite, its raw and beautiful. It shows that you're a human. That you're actually trying, feeling, opening up your heart, falling, getting up and trying again. So worth the risk 😉

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