Getting out of the head and coming back to heart is basically shifting from masculine energy to feminine energy. Masculine energy is super useful at times but its not great at being, feeling and receiving. So these are ways you can use to come back to your feminine energy which is all about connecting, feeling, being 💚

Female Breathing

Breathe deeply to your genitals and imagine the breath is going upwards to your heart and as you exhale from mouth loudly (aaaahhh) imagine the breath going out from your heart. You can use your hands alongside of your body as you move the breath. Do this few times in a cycle and you’ll feel like you want to move your body.


Move your body in a way you haven’t moved it before. Don’t think, feel. If you have an impulse to move a certain way, do it. There’s a 5 second rule, if you have the urge to do something, if you don’t do it, your mind will kick in and tell you stuff. The point is to keep moving before mind kicks in. And if it does, bring your awareness back to your body and keep moving. Explore, allow your moves to be weird or funny.


Sit down and write all your thoughts and how you feel. Uncensoring, as it is. Write until you feel like you are complete. This gets you out of your head, once you’ve written it, you see that it was all in your head, now its on the page. Nothing left for mind to work on.


Nature is medicine. Go into a forest or if you don’t have time, just go to your back garden or a park nearby. Take off your shoes, walk barefoot and feel how the soles of your feet feeling like. Feel the connection with nature. As you stand there, imagine red light from the core of the Earth shooting up to your legs all the way up to your heart. Then imagine white light coming down from sky to the top of your head to your heart. Red from Mother Nature and white from Father Sky makes pink in your heart, unconditional love. Imagine your whole body is being washed by this pink pure light. Do it for 2-3 mins at least.


Cook with intention. When you’re cooking imagine you’re giving love to the food you’re making, or imagine you’re cooking for a loved one. This will change the taste of the food and get you out of your head when cooking. Rather than doing it mechanically, you’ll do it with love. 


You don’t have to be good at it. Close your eyes and just make noises. aaaaa, iiiii, uuuuu. Hearing your own voice will make you stop thinking and become present. 

Try them out and see how you find them:) Feel free to let me know any other ways you found useful. 

Much love to you! 🌺