Had a magical experience tonight..

So was going to have a healing session, it got cancelled and I got from my intuition to go @cuchira's movement therapy class when I saw her post yesterday.

I wasn't feeling it to be honest, was feeling all tired and icky and in my head. I tuned in and got 'get up, go' so I went without thinking about it too much.

Oh my god.. This woman is magic.. Serious magic. She doesn't just teach a mixture of yoga, dance, movement therapy, its something I never experienced before.. You know you experience something that you can't describe because its something unique coming from that one person..

I remembered how simple it is to breathe, yet I forgot. We moved intuitively, however our body felt, honest and as it is.. Then we allowed our bodies to meet and move together, it got all messy 😂 It brought up whole loads of stuff. I loved how what we do daily without being aware of, came up so quickly. Through being uncomfortable and asking why I got to a space where I was feeling all sad. I allowed the sadness to go all over my body completely. It was surrender. Then it went away. There was nothingness.

I was procrastinating over the last few weeks for starting the women's group I visioned, what its gonna be about etc.. From that nothingness, words, images came to me. It opened up at such ease. It was already there for me to have, I was getting in the way..

Initially I was gonna stay in and do a meditation tonight to receive what I needed to write in the group. I got it, plus I got so much more;) Just because I trusted my intuition..

After I left, I went into pret to eat some yumness, someone working there asked me if I liked coconut and offered me the coconut bite thingy for free without me even asking..

When women come together, magic happens. I saw that once more tonight. Thank you @cuchira for being you, allowing every single woman in the room to be themselves, unapologetically. What you're doing is indescribable in words, you're such an inspiration. Love you goddess 🙌🏼💜

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