Today my man and I have been together for 1 year! 😍❤️

1 year.jpg

One year of adventures, diving into each other's dreams, fears, triggers.. Going to new levels of love, growth and intimacy over and over again..
I feel very grateful we're at this point. We might look like we have the perfect relationship from the outside. But its not perfect obviously. No relationship is what it looks like from the outside. We created this beautiful connection and love we share but it didn't happen overnight magically.
We constantly push each other to grow together. Intimate relationships are such a huge mirror, it brings up all parts of you, especially the parts you don't want to see. And I'm so grateful in those moments one of us didn't go, that's it I had enough, its over 😃 Funnily enough these are the moments that brought us closer too.
Last night we went through these questions and spent an hour looking back at what we created together in the past year ✨ 
These are great questions Aaron made up. They help you see parts of your relationships you haven't noticed before and acknowledge more of what you have. Having these conversations stops you from taking the other person for granted as well. 
Here are the fabulous questions 💁🏽✨
1. What is your favourite memory of your first year together?
2. What is the most magical moment of the last year?
3.List your 5 favourite things about you as a couple
4. List your 5 favourite things about the other person
5. Has anything surprised you about your relationship?
6. What’s been the hardest thing that you’ve gone through?
7. What has brought you closer together so far?
8. When do you feel most loved?
9. What would you like more of in your relationship?
10. What would you like less of in your relationship?
11. What have you learnt this year in your relationship?
12. What would you like to unfold in your relationship over the next year?
You can even prepare a whole evening around going through these questions with your partner to connect deeper ❤️ Have fun! 😉
Loads of love to you all 💛