"What would be the one thing you couldn't live without doing?" ✨

I got asked this question recently and realised I'm doing that one thing all the time, helping & coaching people basically.

So I looked after children part time and I loved being around their playful energy. They're so much in the present moment!

I wanna write about 2 things happened with them which I didn't even realised I was doing it.

With one of the girls, we were playing parrot. Basically she was repeating what I was saying. We started off with 'hello, how are you' etc. Then I started saying 'you're beautiful, you're smart, you're loveable' she would repeat obviously starting with 'you.. You..' Then I thought, ok let's turn this game into a mini affirmation game. I started phrasing them as 'I'm beautiful, I'm smart, I'm loveable' then she'd repeat that. I could see how her face was changing as saying these. 

She actually came up to me few times to play that game and another girl asked me to play it too..

There's another game I play where I find out what children's love languages are. 

Love languages are 5 ways we feel loved (physical touch - words of affirmation - quality time - gifts - service). Somebody might fix your lamp for you to show their love but all you wanted was a hug.. For that person offering something might have the same effect. Its an any kind of relationship saver, look it up! Mine is in this order if you ever wanna make me feel loved btw😉

I'd ask the kids 'do you feel more loved when mummy buys you an ice cream or tells you she loves you?' or 'do you feel more loved when she hugs you or plays with you?'. So that I know what to do to make them feel loved and its super fun!

So I asked a kid 'what's your favourite thing in the world?' Its a great question btw to ask kids if you don't wanna ask adult questions like how was your day😄  He said 'my mum'. The convo went like this:

- Does your mum play with you?

- Yes

- Does your mum buy you gifts?

- Yes

- Does your mum tells you she loves you?

- No.

I felt the sadness and feeling of unloved in his voice. So I went:

- But she plays with you and buys you gifts right?

- Yes.

Obviously mum's love language was service and gifts whereas this kid's was words of affirmation and physical touch (kept hugging me).

- Ok, next time she buys you something or plays with you remember this is the way she shows her love. She might not say it but she tells her love by playing with you or buying gifts for you, ok?

He was looking at the floor the whole time we were speaking. First time ever he looked up and nodded smiling. I wasn't sure the whole time if he was getting all this, i mean he's 6-7, but I just knew he got it, when he looked at me. I was like 'YES!'. Nailed it! You know😄

My point is, your one thing is something that you're doing all the time knowingly or unknowingly.

If you're a dancer, you'll just dance nearly the whole time you're awake, on tube, in the kitchen..

If you're a writer or a poem, in every occasion to write, even for a christmas card, you'd throw out some magic in your writing.

If you're a helper, you'd help in every occasion without thinking.

Whatever you're doing that's natural for you to do no matter what your job is, is your gift.

Keep sharing it! The world needs more people like you just being themselves..

Love and magic 💜✨

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