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Last Sunday Jitka Janakieva and I held our breathwork and sound bath workshop Release & Nourish for 10 people 🙏🏼

It was deeply transformational, magical and very loving. We all chilled together afterwards, had fruits and the delicious chocolates Jitka made 😍

Thank you Natalie Peire for your incredible assistance and Luna for having created such a beautiful venue Lifespace Healing 💕

Here are some of the feedbacks 👇🏼

✨ “Transformational. Quite a new experience for me. I had no idea what to expect and it was cathartic to say the least. Very liberating and powerful.”

✨ “Very powerful, strong realisation of the level of energy inside our body, full of love facilitation and safe place to surrender.”

✨ “Excellent way of release, experiencing emotional and physical at the same time, out of this world.”

People thank me often for my generosity. For me it’s a normal thing that you do and I only see it when people mention it. I give what I have and that’s what I do naturally. I serve and I don’t have an agenda. So I give everything in the workshops.

I used to get scared worrying if it’s going to be too much, if I’m even meant to be loving as a facilitator, I compared myself with others etc. Now I’m just me and it’s actually easier. I serve so much more that way. And I enjoy myself more.

I always ask myself, if this was the last workshop I ever held in my life, did I give my all? On Sunday, I did. And it’s the best feeling ☺️

Next breathwork journey is TOMORROW! We still have spaces left, would love to have you there 😍 Link is in Freedom Through Breath // A Breathwork Journey

Journaling this morning, I realised, no matter what, I will always share my heart ❤️

I love you 💛

I’m SO excited to announce that...

release & nourish.jpg

Jitka Janakieva and I are collaborating to hold our first workshop together! 😍


It’s called - RELEASE & NOURISH 🔥🌺


It’s a half day transformational retreat through breathwork, sound bath and reiki.
This was one of the most effortless collaborative creations ever. Jitka is a really good friend of mine, love her so much. She came to few of my breathwork journeys, then I went to hers to hang out. She gave me a mini sound journey as whenever I visit her house, it turns into a mini nourishing retreat ❤️ Nourishment is really her gift.
After the journey I told her I’d love to create something with her where we combine breathwork and sound bath. She said “I’ve been thinking the same!”. Then we came up with the name literally in few seconds. It was magic ✨
We both heard about Lifespace Healing that opened 2 months ago, a gorgeous space in West London so the venue was obvious as well 🙏🏼
We’d love to have you there bringing you back home to your essence while we shower you with love 🧡
12 May Sunday
Lifespace Healing, Notting Hill
2-6 pm
We have LIMITED spaces 🌻
You can read more or book your place through the link below 👇🏼
As always, all in a safe and loving space without shame or judgement 💛 Open for men and women. Come join!
Message me if you have any questions 🙏🏼
I love you ❤️