Last Sunday Jitka Janakieva and I held our breathwork and sound bath workshop Release & Nourish for 10 people 🙏🏼

It was deeply transformational, magical and very loving. We all chilled together afterwards, had fruits and the delicious chocolates Jitka made 😍

Thank you Natalie Peire for your incredible assistance and Luna for having created such a beautiful venue Lifespace Healing 💕

Here are some of the feedbacks 👇🏼

✨ “Transformational. Quite a new experience for me. I had no idea what to expect and it was cathartic to say the least. Very liberating and powerful.”

✨ “Very powerful, strong realisation of the level of energy inside our body, full of love facilitation and safe place to surrender.”

✨ “Excellent way of release, experiencing emotional and physical at the same time, out of this world.”

People thank me often for my generosity. For me it’s a normal thing that you do and I only see it when people mention it. I give what I have and that’s what I do naturally. I serve and I don’t have an agenda. So I give everything in the workshops.

I used to get scared worrying if it’s going to be too much, if I’m even meant to be loving as a facilitator, I compared myself with others etc. Now I’m just me and it’s actually easier. I serve so much more that way. And I enjoy myself more.

I always ask myself, if this was the last workshop I ever held in my life, did I give my all? On Sunday, I did. And it’s the best feeling ☺️

Next breathwork journey is TOMORROW! We still have spaces left, would love to have you there 😍 Link is in Freedom Through Breath // A Breathwork Journey

Journaling this morning, I realised, no matter what, I will always share my heart ❤️

I love you 💛