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I'm assisting at a training half day this weekend so I received an email from the facilitator thanking the team. It brought up a memory that I haven't thought of years actually, want to share that with you ☺️


I was attending the same training 6 years ago. I remember this moment where we were doing shares. I was sitting at the back corner unlike now sitting in the front super keen and engaged 😃
So I got up, started sharing. Back then I used to speak quietly and fast, I had to repeat what I was saying all the time. As I was sharing, the facilitator couldn't hear me properly. He asked me to speak louder, so I did. Then he asked me to come to the front and share from there. I was like, 'Oh god what have I done in raising my hand..'. So I did, I walked all the way to the front, shared infront to the group, then thanked the facilitator telling him he's very loving and compassionate.
He said, 'So are you.' I wasn't expecting that answer, looked a bit confused. He looked at me with such presence, one of these moments where its just you and the person that everything else dissolves away. I started crying as I saw him as a mirror for the compassion and love I have for people..
Back then, I wasn't comfortable with crying infront of people unlike now speaking through my tears with a high pitch voice 😃 I was crying like I wanted to hide. I stepped back trying to hold my tears, holding my head down etc. He took my hand and said, 'When you cry, you step forward.', gently pulling me a bit forward while he stayed back. He asked,' Look into the eyes of these people. Do they look dangerous to you?' I looked up and half the room was literally crying. I said, 'No, they don't.'
Looking back at that memory, I feel grateful for all the growth, all the tears, all the learnings that brought me here.. I take such short time to learn something, apply it and turn it into habit that I forgot I was doing the opposite like 6 months ago 😃
If you're a speedy growth queen/king, ask yourself these questions to just recognise how far you came:
- What have changed in my life?
- What have I learnt?
- What do I do now that I wasn't doing 2 years ago?
- What story did I stop telling myself?
If you're inspired to share some of your answers, I'd love to hear them ☺️❤️
Have a beautiful weekend lovelies ✨
Loads of love! ❤️


Last night I gave first ever webinar for women! Thank you so much for joining ladies, it felt wonderful to do this 😍

Recently, I've been creating loads, I really see a pattern coming up. In the last 3 weeks, I did a FB live in a group, went to speed networking, 3 Goddess Circles, started newsletter and a webinar.. All for the first time. So they required bit of learning and adjusting.

When people ask me how things I do went I first think of things that didn't go well, that I can improve then after a while I move onto things that went amazing. I give myself a really hard time basically. I tend to forget how far I came and think about what else I need to do to get there. It can be useful, I get loads done but it can be pressuring, overwhelming and tiring.. 

I went to an event last week and a guy there asked everyone, 'Who here did something that they thought would be impossible?' Most people raised their hands, I did too. When I thought about it, most things I'm doing every day now would be impossible 5-6 months ago. I took it for granted.. When something becomes a standard thing we do every day, we normalise it. We don't give ourselves a credit and forget how magic it was when we first did it..

When you're doing things and constantly growing, its so easy to forget how far you came. You might not be where you want to be, but you're not where you used to be either. If you're working hard and keep trying, adjusting, its inevitable, you'll get there. 

So now I learnt to just enjoy what I created even for few hours then move onto the next thing, otherwise things get ugly 😃

In the end of the day, it comes down to self-love. You can't acknowledge something you don't love. It is honouring, loving it.. I find self-love one of the hardest thing to do. It's about loving you as you are with all your imperfections and things you did and didn't do.. Another post on loving all parts of you will be on its way soon 😉

This is what I keep reminding myself when I remember to lol. I wanted to share that as I know so many people are being super hard on themselves even when they create some magic that wasn't there before.. 

Love you!