merry christmas


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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 


Whether Christmas is a happy, joyful place for you, whether you really don't care about it or whether its not as easy for you as it is for some people, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Honour however you're feeling. You don't have to be feeling happy this time just because everyone is. I see and feel you.
I'm with Aaron's family today and tomorrow eating food and being together. Then we're going to Turkey on Thursday for the new year's eve. Everything you do for Christmas, gifts, tree, family time is done on the new year's eve there. So I'm having a double Christmas this year 😃
If you're choosing to spend this time with your family, you might have old wounds surfacing, or thing you thought you dealt with. If you have doubt that you haven't progressed, see your growth as a spiral, not a line. You feel like you arrived at the same place but on a deeper level and awareness you have today.
Follow these steps to let go of a trigger you have being around someone in your family:
- Notice and name how you're feeling
- What is that feeling telling you to do or not do?
- Close your eyes, take in a deep breath in.
- Have the 4 year old you in front of you, ask them to show a scene that made you feel the same way.
- Let the scene unfold and now see it unfold in a way that it makes the 4 year old you safe.
- Now imagine yourself rising above the situation, seeing it from a higher perspective.
- Ask, 'What's the truth?' Or 'What would I love in this moment?'
- What's that telling you to do or not do?
- Follow through on that.
I wish you a gorgeous Christmas and a wonderful time whereever you are. And happy birthday if you're born around this time of the year as well 😃 See it as everyone's celebrating your new age with you 😍🎉
Loads of love to you! ❤️