🔺 STARTING 2019 🔺

(Link to video - https://www.facebook.com/isik.tlabar/videos/10161294316510300/)

Following my last post where I shared 20 questions to help you complete the year, here are 20 questions to help you what you want your 2019 to be about 😍


1. What would happen in an ideal world in 2019 for you? Dare to dream.
2. A word to define 2019 for you. This will be your resource when you need a reminder.
3. 3 things you want to achieve the most?
4. 3 things you won’t compromise on?
5. 3 people who will be your anchors for rough times?
6. 3 things you will have courage to say yes to?
7. 3 things you will have the power to say no to?
8. 3 things you will do every morning?
9. 3 things you will pamper yourself with regularly?
10. 3 places you will visit?
11. 3 ways to connect with your loved ones?
12. 3 presents you will reward yourself with for your successes?
13. This year, I will not procrastinate any more over...
14. This year, I will draw the most energy from...
15. This year, I give myself permission to...
16. This year, I advise myself to...
17. This year, I want to let my inner child to know that...
18. This year, when shit hits the fan, I will remind myself to...
19. This year will be amazing for me because...
20. What do you secretly wish for 2019 to happen?
You can have a massive board where you draw your visions for 2019, you can dance your intentions in or you can answer the questions above. Do what works for you.
Feel free to share your answers with me on here or in message. I always get excited about people’s visions 🤩
If you want to complete on 2018, forgive anything you need to forgive, let go of anything you need to let go of and want to get clear of what you want in 2019, I’m offering a one-off 1-1 session with me during January.
It is on offer for - £120 - 2-2,5 hours session.
It will be a powerful ending and a clear beginning. If you’re interested, message me ❤️
More dance videos coming your way in 2019 😉
Have a wonderful evening tonight, wherever you are, if you’re on your own or with people you love ✨
Happy New Year 💛
🎼 Monolink - Father Ocean