Highlights from How the Light Gets In Festival


This is me laying down in Hampstead Heath on the weekend after a whole day of being in Walthamstow Wetlands, seeking the most naturelike places in London, yas 😍


Some of my highlights from attending How the Light Gets In festival last week 💚


✨Watching the circus twice from front row - human circus. I forgot how much I love watching aerial performers. They make it look so easy and effortless when it really isn’t. I admire them.
✨ Getting all my clothes and pillows wet and surrendering to the fact that our tent flooded two nights in a row.
✨Sitting around the bonfire staring at the fire for ages flirting with a guy realising I am now actually single.
✨ Watching debates, observing their body language when they disagree with each other. So fun, my daily dose of drama 💁🏽‍♀️
✨ Feeling grateful for having such a wonderful sister in my life Amanda, how we’re a great team and also we’re great at asking stuff from each other.
✨ Giving a breathwork journey while keeping a small kid away from the space of women shouting and stomping the floor - he didn’t succeed in getting into the space.
✨ Realising I like comfort. I love going into forest staying there for few days but eventually would love to come back to my warm house, bed and hot bath. I’m a true Libra, I like balance in life ☯️
Thank you Emma Bonnici Kanga Yoga for having me there to give sessions and workshops 🙏🏼
Thank you How the Light Gets In festival for offering a diverse experience of what a festival can look and feel like ❤️
What was the best memory you had at a festival you attended? Share one below 😍👇🏼
Loads of love to you