Your body has an incredible mechanism to naturally heal. When an animal is attacked, after the attack they shake the trauma off their bodies and walk away like nothing happened. They don’t hold on.

Your body does the same. I was offered once a tranquilizer at the dentist when the local anaesthetic didn’t work and my body went into a full on uncontrollable shake after feeling the pain. They didn’t know my body was just doing it’s thing to recover.

Your body is always healing itself, we just need to get out of the way and allow the natural healing to occur.

All it needs is a space to feel and release. Then you come back to your natural peaceful state feeling lighter and freer.

Group and 1-1 breathwork journeys I offer are spaces where you get to do this ❤️

These are Jitka’s words after joining few breathwork journeys 👇🏼

“I went to few of her breathworks and the stuff that I was releasing was mind blowing. I went so deep and back into my past. Each time I feel so so much lighter.

If you’ve not experienced it, it’s really hard to explain, other than its way way better than what you are already imagining. I won’t lie it’s not walk through a rosy garden. You get what you put in. But...totally...worth it!!!

I’ve managed to connect to a trauma from 15 years ago and begin deep healing journey that changed my life. You just don’t know how free you can be until you try this.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to know what it is you want to release. From my experience, breathwork taps the vein of whatever you’re ready to release.”

If you’d like to release and connect with yourself deeper, there are spaces for:

✨ Release & Nourish - breathwork & sound bath collaboration 🦋 

// Sunday 12th 2-6pm

✨ Freedom Through Breath - good old monthly breathwork journeys 🔥 

// Thurs 16th 6:30pm

✨ 1-1 breathwork sessions - 1hr journey to release and reconnect 💛

(ask me for available spots)

Ticket links are below ✨


I love you 💛