making your dreams come true


We all have a gift to share with the world. It can feel so incredible And it can feel scary and vulnerable to share it.

Below are few tips that I learnt during this journey of living my true nature. I’ve applied them and saw great results. I’ve also done the opposite of them and learnt from what happened, let’s just put it that way 😂 Enjoy 👇🏼

1. Have a vision

Imagine yourself in your dream life doing what you love, that’s your vision. Feel it. Notice the emotion of your vision. Maybe it’s joy or love. Every emotion will drive an action. What is that emotion telling you to do? Do that.

It’s not about getting rid of the fear, self-doubt etc, it’s about connecting with your vision in those moments of Ego and acting from that place. If you act from a place of fear, it will feel like a push, if you act from a place of the emotion of your vision, it will feel like a natural pull.

2. Don’t ask validation for your dreams

When you know your dream that brings you alive, you might want to tell that to the whole world. Don’t. You might have a part of you who wants people to approve and support you in your dream. Your focus is to create your dream, not to get validation from people.

Rather than putting all your energy to sharing something that hasn’t happened yet, put it into actually creating it. When it happens, then share it with the whole world.

Even if you have 1-2 people who support you in your dream and gets it, that’s all you need. Hold the energy of the vision and put it into creation.

3. Listen to the people who have dreamt and played big

They’re the ones that will look for a solution rather than a reason not to do it. Don’t listen to the people who are not growing and creating on a regular basis.

When you put yourself out there, it will trigger people. You may go against what people know as a normal life. When you show them you can play big and WIN, it is so much easier for the other person to judge you than play big themselves.

People will share advices based on their perceptions of life. Choose to listen to the ones who found a way and made it happen, because you can too.

4. Be patient & consistent

When you plant a seed, you need to water it. Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not growing underneath the soil. Everything in nature takes time, so does creating a dream. When that seed becomes a tree, then it will self-sustain itself without you needing to water it.

Just because you know what your vision is, it doesn’t mean it will happen tomorrow. That’s like setting up a website today and expecting to have 100 clients the next day 😃

It’s a vision, not a goal. You have your whole life to create it. Take steps every day, no matter how small they are. Small steps you take every day are much better than a big step you take one day.

The small steps will bring you closer to your dream whether you can see the results right now or not. You’re not the judge of how long things take. You don’t know what magic tomorrow will bring. What you can do is to show up every day and do your part.

5. Don’t compromise

If you’re going to go for your dream, you might as well go for THE dream. It can be tempting to go for something less than you want. Acknowledge that temptation, connect with your vision and go for your full vision.

If you go for a compromise, your fulfillment will be compromised too.

6. Notice your language

Notice when you say “it’s hard”. The world will show you what you tell yourself. When you define something as hard, you will find proofs everywhere that it’s hard. When you define something as easy, you will find proofs everywhere that it’s easy.

Is it really hard? Or are you making it hard? I often catch myself having the story of running my own business is hard. Instantly, it gets worse 😃 Then I remember all the moments where it was easy. I connect with that ease and flow and take an action from that place.

7. Appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself for your courage, love and commitment for your dream. It’s much easier to settle down and do what you’re told. That’s not fulfilling and you know that.

Celebrate yourself for choosing this path of growth and expansion. Celebrate yourself for showing up even when you feel down. Celebrate yourself for sharing your heart with the world 🎉

If you know your dream that brings you alive and that puts a big smile on your face when you think about it, I’d love to support you to create that. Message me if you’d love coaching sessions ❤️ I’ll be your personal cheerleader forever 🎉

Feel free to share this if you found it useful 🙏🏼

I love you 💛