I swam in the pond on Hampstead Heath for the first time today with this gorgeous one 😍 


We went to the Ladies Pond and it was so freeing to be naked amongst other women while sunbathing. I looked around and saw how every womxn’s body was beautiful and unique in their own way. I saw stretch marks (I have them), love handles, tanlines, scars and cellulites (I have them too). Things that we don’t see on media. And I loved everything I saw.


What you see on magazines don’t exist. Someone else’s opinion on your body is just an opinion. You decide if you take it on board or not.
Imagine a world where the only beauty standard you have is how your body is right now, appreciating and loving everything your body is because no one else has it. A world where people treat their bodies as sacred temples 😘
Thank you Daisy Wilson my love for such a lovely day ☀️🥰💛
#hampsteadheath #hampsteadladiespond #loveyourbody #bodypositive