"I met Isik at a Goddess awakening event and I felt drawn to her immediately. She emits a warm and caring energy which is very comforting. She guided me through an intuitive healing of something I had been holding on to for years with such love and gentleness it was easy to let myself go and release. I also attended one of the Goddess Circles that Isik leads. During the movement part she was there as a firm and nurturing presence to guide us into our bodies. I felt disconnected from my body for years, and while moving around that space I felt free and supple. Her voice is a gentle but steady guide which encourages you to go deeper into yourself and feel things you keep hidden deep inside. When healing, her hands radiate compassion and she intuitively understands what you need. I feel honoured to have encountered this beautiful soul and will definitely be continuing to work with her."



"When I first joined the Circle of Goddess I didn't expect it would have been such a transformational experience. Isik led us, through free movement, to reconnecting to our body and expressing our feelings throughout it. Then magic happened. When the mind puts aside all the internal noise and allows itself to be fully alert in the present moment,  perceptions become so intense and emotions gush out spontaneously. In this space, free of any judgement, you are free to express yourself and understand way more about your inner self."



"It was so great to feel into my body and move without judgement from either myself or any of the other women present. It was fun and playful and heartfelt and the sharing after was powerful. Isik held the space for us all so beautifully, it felt natural and safe to be a part of the circle and really be myself there. Thanks so much Isik for setting these up, your intuitive presence to what is needed is a true gift ✨"



“It was a beautiful experience which gave me the opportunity to face my fear, express it, go through it and feel empowered afterwards. Thank you.”

”Magically surreal. Way more powerful than I imagined and something I struggle to put into words but can’t wait to experience again.”

”You never know what you need until you do the work and then receive it. Simply magical.”

”Safe space to connect with yourself, feel your emotions and release them. Opportunity to connect with other beautiful souls.”

”Transformational, empowering and 100% necessary!”

”It really awakened me to sensations, it made me more present.”

”The atmosphere is so beautiful! A safe space to be yourself.”
“Such a wonderful experience. I feel so connected to my body and the way I store emotions.”

”Than you for this beautiful space - fel very safe and loved to allow myself to let go and surrender. So powerful!”

”The opportunity to learn more about yourself and release any blocks/stagnant energy held within your body.”

”Awakening! Liberating. The release you experience is amazing.”

”The most powerful modality I have experienced, breath is life, and this workshop is certainly the place to take life to a whole new level.”

”Lifechanging! I have been on the journey of connecting with myself for over two years. But I have never connected to myself like I did through breathwork. It’s one of the most beautiful experience I’ve truly ever had.”

”It is a journey into the unknown. You leave lighter yet richer. Breathwork connects you deeper and quicker to your authentic self than anything else I’ve come across.”

”As profound as the first time, but this time the negative energy holding me back was physically drawn out.”

”Releasing emotions, loving space, loving people, being on a journey to discover yourself.”

”Cleansing, flushing anger and dark side of the past.”

”Today was transformative, freeing, lovely, insightful, healthy, loving.”

”I didn’t think it was possible to release stuff and have it gone forever. But it is.”

”Today was so releasing. I felt so safe and able to love myself and be fully present in honouring feeling. I feel so light now!”

”An introduction to your true self.”