about ME


My name is Işık (pronounced "Ishik, meaning 'light' in Turkish).

I am not a coach or a counselor, I am an intuitive guide. 

I'm not here to tell you what to do.

I'm here to help you see your gifts and guide you to express them in the world.

I give you tools to hear what your intuition's telling you.


My vision is to create a world where people are expressing themselves authentically and expressing their gifts.



What ı offer


Intuıtıve guidance sessıons

Who is it for?

- If you're feeling powerless, don't feel like you have what it takes,

- If you're constantly doing stuff but feeling empty inside,

- If you're scared of asking what you want,


- If you have no idea why you are on this planet,

I can help you with that.

If we decide to work together, I promise you, you'll be mindblown by what you can do..


The truth is there’s nothing to work on. There are things to do, yes, but things can be done in a playful way, even the serious stuff. It’s about doing this but having fun in the process. Bringing softness into it. Then there is joy and flow.
— Isik Tlabar



celebratıng femınıne power

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This group is for women from all ages, all colours, all backgrounds and all interests.

We're here to support each other. So please be kind to one and other. Speak your truth, express it from a higher perspective.

This is not a space to promote your events, products. It's a space to see and celebrate how gorgeous we all are.

We're not here to dim each other's light, we're here to unapologetically be ourselves.

Share what you're going through..

Challenges you're facing related to being a woman, being in your femininity..

Lessons you learnt.. 

Experiences you had..

It's safe and ok to be vulnerable here. That is our feminine power.

Let's celebrate it!

Much love to you goddess <3 "





"Isik is a Goddess who's insights have been transformative for my life after only one session. She helped give me the clarity I've been praying for in my souls purpose and mission on Earth. Isik made me feel 100% comfortable because of her kind heart that shines through."

- Cleo Forstater


"Isik is an incredible intuitive coach, she has helped align me with my purpose and what I wish to create in the world. Through working with Isik, I have been able to overcome fears and blocks to take action and move towards my ultimate vision."

- Aaron Le Conte


"Isik is honestly the intuitive coach of my dreams! There is such authentic magic and love that pours out of her each time we me meet, for she carries such an attentiveness to my needs and carries such a deep and mystical insight into the very core of my being. Ive only just started with her and already I feel such deep transformation taking place inside of me as I can feel my divine intuition activating effortlessly. I feel incredibly blessed to have met her and I cannot even begin to fathom where I'll be at the end of our 10 sessions together because I'm already mind-blown after 2! Please to anyone reading this, give yourself the gift of having a session with her and see for yourself."

- Inka Linda


"Isik is amazing! She gives me clarity on things and helps me to see from another perspective. After every session always feel more grounded and inspired."

- Taveena Atsu