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LOVE YOUR ESSENCE // An Exploration into Embracing your Truth

  • YMCA at One KX 120 Cromer Street WC1H 8BS United Kingdom (map)
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“The greatest act of courage is to discover, own and be who you truly are and love yourself with all your heart.”


This is a half day workshop diving into connecting with your essence and loving all that you are.

When you are connected with your essence and expressing your gifts in the world knowing who you are, life becomes effortless and full of magic. Life flows in a beautiful way where you are yourself unapologetically and share your love freely with others including yourself.

You don’t have to look outside of yourself, because you know you have everything you need. You don’t have to compare yourself with others, because you know when you’re being yourself authentically, there is no one like you.

At times, you might loose touch with your essence feeling drowned in self-doubt, worried of what other people might think or the need to hide and play it small. This is natural as it’s part of being human. The key is to observe what both your Ego and your essence telling you and to choose which one you will give your energy to.

This workshop will be an invitation to connect back to your essence and your heart.


FUN and games

We will open with a super fun game getting to know each other a little. We often work on ourselves so hard that we forget to have fun!

LOVE your essence

In every situation, there are always two different perspectives. You have your Ego telling you thoughts such as you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, don’t be too much, who do you think you are, to keep you safe, small and secure.

On the other side, you have your truth, intuition and Soul, telling you what matters to you the most. This is the part of you who knows who you are and what you desire deep down in your heart. This part of you often whispers while your Ego shouts.

We will explore the stories you might be telling yourself around loving your essence stopping you from expressing your true nature. We will then be connecting to what it might feel like if you did embrace your essence and express who you are unapologetically.

Come back to your HEART

We will close on a beautiful meditation connecting you to your heart, your essence, seeing yourself shining in your sovereignty. This will give you the permission to embody your beauty and have your heart’s desire.


The workshop will be a combination of talks, experiential exercises, group and individual work and lots of laughter!

You will leave feeling expanded, softened, inspired and connected to who you truly are.


29 June Saturday

YMCA at One KX, King’s Cross


£25 Earlybird (until 12nd June)

£30 General Ticket price

Doors open at 9:45pm.

We will start at 10am sharp.

We will finish at 2pm.

We will have a tea break along the way and refreshments can be purchased from the Thenga Cafe downstairs.



“I feel lighter, realise what matters the most in life! I feel loved by people around me and by myself in my life! Highly recommend! :)"

"Great workshop to stop and connect with yourself. Getting to know your inner thoughts and emotions; the ones you usually push away on a daily basis. Leaves you with amazing energy and insights. Food for thought."

"Go - book it now!! You will feel connected to the positive vibes and the compassion in the room. You will walk - no skip home - feeling that there is no place like your own truth! Welcome home! Also, lots of laughter - the best therapy!"

"Giving yourself time to reflect, practice love and acceptance and feel the love and acceptance of others is priceless. I feel like I have given myself a great boost of love and raised my vibration!"

"An extremely worthwhile workshop. You will leave feeling loved, centred at peace and connected! A beautiful morning!"

"Fun and a reminder that we're all fighting our own battles and that people can see you."

"Amazing workshop! I learnt so much about myself. I would highly recommend."

"I would say very powerful. I didn't think it would have the impact it did on me."

"Eye opening. I left feeling lifted, positive and full."

"A little push to start to love yourself."



Please bring:

- A bottle of water

- A journal and a pen to document your insights

We love you,

Isik & Faith



Tickets are non-refundable. However, you can transfer your ticket to a friend (in which case let us know).




Isik is a transformational coach, breathwork facilitator and writer. She empowers women to live their truth. She offers group and 1-1 breathwork journeys as well as 1-1 transformational coaching sessions. Isik also leads workshops, retreats and online courses connecting women to their feminine power.

Follow her writing on Instagram @isiktlabar.


Faith is a transformational love coach and personal stylist. She shows women how to finally get the best relationship of your life. She offers one to one coaching programs, wardrobe edits, make-overs, personal shopping and leads workshops on connecting women to your truth.

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