Celebrating You


Celebrating You


This is a 7 weeks online course for women to celebrate yourself.

This course is about truly falling in love with yourself, honouring who you are and shining bright in your light ✨

It's about:

- Being your authentic self unapologetically

- Connecting with your body on a deeper level

- Forgiving and letting go of the past

- Know what you want, ask for it and receive it

I'm super excited because nothing brings me as alive as seeing women in their power, shining bright, connected to their heart and knowing what they want.

This course does that.

There will be:

✨ 7 themes for each week

✨ 7 guided meditations

✨ 7 intuitive letters

✨ 7 self love practices

✨ 7 weekly group calls

✨ Community of women

✨ Dancing!

It's for 12 WOMEN ONLY.

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