These readings are designed to give you clarity around what your vision is. What I mean by vision, is what your life would look like if you followed what is true for you, if you fully expressed your gifts in the world and lived the relationship you truly desired.

It can be easy to get caught up in healing, clearing, letting go of the past. When all your focus is on the past, it can be tricky to vision and clearly see what you're meant to do, what your gifts are and what would bring you the most joy. 

We shape our lives in every moment as we make decisions. There are many possibilities and options in our lives. There is no one right way. Through this reading, you will have awareness around what is most important your essence to express in the world.

You can choose from:

- Intuitive Relationship Vision Reading

- Intuitive Gift Vision Reading

£30 a reading

The reading will be written 500 words, sent to your email address within 3 business days.

What I need for the reading is a clear photo of your face, preferably one I can see your eyes which you can send to after purchasing.


Having followed Isik on social media, I was guided to connect with her due to her radiant energy, inviting smile and vulnerability as a human being. I wrote to her about a very specific issue I was having and gave her a little insight into me. Trusting that the messages I receive from her will be for my highest good, I waited for her to get back to me. On the day she had promised to deliver my intuitive reading, I received a personal email message and an attachment with detailed reading on my query. I was excited to see what message she had for me, so I opened the attachment in the email immediately and to my surprise felt tears down my cheeks as I was merely into the second paragraph. I received her message with an open heart and knew that her gift of guidance was unlike any other. Having never met her, I felt she knew me – even the parts I hid from myself. I am very grateful for the messages I received from her as they helped me in many ways and I continue to connect with her as guided.
— From New York, USA