I’m so excited that you’re interested in breathwork!

For me, it has been such a powerful tool to allow myself to feel my emotions, connect back to my body and my true essence.

I hold group breathwork journeys called “Freedom Through Breath” for 2 years now in London, with an incredible team. We do them once a month.


This is an evening of a deep breathwork journey in an empowered and held space.

Through using the breath, sound and movement, you will be guided into a deeper connection with your body and yourself.

Breathwork is a powerful way of releasing heaviness, emotional blocks and anything else you no longer need, bringing you back home to your essence. 

You will leave feeling like a different person than the one who walked into the room.

I’d love to have you there at the next one:

27 September Friday


You can book your place through the link below.


REMINDER: This workshop will bring up emotions. At times it may challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. This is natural. When you are held in a safe and loving space without judgement, your body feels safer to feel any challenging emotions in order to release. 

Know that you will be lovingly held and supported throughout your journey. 

“One of the best things you can do for your life.” - Darrius

“It was a very deep and profound work. Beautifully held. I can’t wait to do it again.” - Debora

“Powerful! A whole new experience. Have no expectations, surrender and see what comes up.” - Nadia

“One of the best gifts you can give yourself but indescribable!” - Angela

“A very safe space, Isik creates a beautiful environment and a very spacial circle. Probably the most ego-less space I’ve been in.” - Zoe

“Breathtaking :)” - Karl

“Releasing and energising.” - Sonia

“A wonderful opportunity to take space for yourself to work through things.” - Abigail

“If you want to take a closer look at yourself, then go.”- Jitka

“Incredibly empowering and honestly I would say, go for it. It is an incredible experience. - Norina

“It was a beautiful experience which gave me the opportunity to face my fear, express it, go through it and feel empowered afterwards. Thank you.”

”Magically surreal. Way more powerful than I imagined and something I struggle to put into words but can’t wait to experience again.”

”You never know what you need until you do the work and then receive it. Simply magical.”

”Transformational, empowering and 100% necessary!”