Whatever is going on in your life,

I guide you to see your circumstances from a higher perspective.

No matter what your past is,

I guide you to move forward confidently.

Every time you go for something out of your comfort zone, you have your Ego, your unconscious mind going, ‘Hang on, what are you doing? You’re not good enough. You can’t make a difference. You don't have the time anyway.’ to keep you safe, small and secure. That’s the job of Ego, to keep you where you're at.

Most people don't listen to what their Ego has to say, push it away then it comes back even louder. Or they do listen and actually act on what it is telling them, for example, they push people away, ruin it all. That was the Ego's agenda, to ruin it all so you don't go anywhere.. 

Then you have your Soul, your higher self, the truth, whatever you want to call it going, ‘Yes! This is what you’re meant to do!’

When you know the difference you have the power to choose whether you’d like

to follow your Ego or your truth.

Your Ego can give you the plan for the next 10 years as a spreadsheet. And that's boring, you exactly know what's going to happen. On the other side, you have your Soul giving you only the next step. Unless you take that step, you won't get to know the rest.. Like a game, unless you complete Level 1, you don’t get to go to the Level 2. 

The problem is most people give into the 10 years spreadsheet than hearing, 'Move to Canada' because moving to Canada and not knowing what's going to happen next can be scary. Despite the fear, we find out together how you can do that.

In the sessions, we make the difference between what your Ego is telling you and what is the truth relating to all areas of your life, business, relationships, money, etc. Then we find together the next steps intuitively for where you want to go.

We find out what your gifts are, what gets in the way of expressing them and we release those bagages so you move forward with ease and freedom.

These sessions are tailor made for you, combining tools I learnt in the last 10 years in a way that will serve you. These include:

  • Transformational life coaching

  • Experiential healing (combination of timeline therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, inner child work, aspecting)

  • Alchemy

  • Guided meditations

  • Cord cutting

I especially work with women who:

  • Are just beginning on their journey of self discovery.

  • Have an idea to create their own business.

  • Already started their business but feeling overwhelmed in what to do next.

  • Have so many ideas to offer but not sure how to simplify and structure them.

I help you to share your offering in a way that feels true to you, so you communicate your message from your heart and reach the people who resonate with you.

A package of 6 sessions:


6 x £80 a session


There are 2 options you can choose from:

Option 1: Payment in full (£480)

Option 2: Monthly payment (£160 x 3 months)


I offer support in case of emergency in between sessions.


Sessions are online or face to face at my place in Golders Green, London.

They are around 1-1.5 hours.

I don't finish a session until it feels complete.


Whatever you invest your time and money in will grow. If you'd love to work 1-1 and you don't have the money right now, set it as an intention to create that money. I had moments where I invested in sessions and trainings I can't afford at the time, somehow found the money, because I wanted it.


When you stretch yourself, your life stretches itself to accommodate to your new level. If you're really up for the ride, I'm here for you.



Nana Meulengracht Larsen

“During our coaching time together, I resigned from my job after 12 years in the organisation to set up my own business. I started to really see how my life can be different to where I am right now and what possibilities that are if I truly stop standing in my own way .

The highlights for me were leaving sessions feeling calm and clear in my head. I often arrived with tension between my eyes and this was always gone on the way home and I felt renewed energy and clarity.  

My biggest breakthrough was to understand properly that everything is in flux and it’s ok to let go of something that has been in my life for a long time (work in this instance) and open the door for something new. That and also that I have much to offer and my experiences are rich and complex,but if I keep holding on to old patterns of behaviours I may get stuck.

The sessions worked very well for me. I definitely benefitted from meeting in person and not digitally as the sessions were very intimate. Isik’s home is a haven of relaxation too which helped.

I always left sessions with clarity, confidence and something to think more deeply about.

The sessions were very relevant as what I was looking for was a greater connection to my body and getting out of my mind more. Having the space just for me was also really valuable as I’m in a period of transition where I have too much to do and it’s ease to lose track of what is truly important.

I would say that they are a mixture of practical coaching through conversation about your issues combined with relaxation/meditation techniques and visual guidance in order to get to the feeling beneath the initial issue in order to work on resolving , accepting and freeing yourself from any constraints that are not helpful for you to move forward.

I found Isik completely natural and relaxed. She focused fully on me and the space between us. She felt her way through sessions and tuned into my needs, mood and presenting situations really well. I found her to be a very calming presence, knowledgeable and spiritual in the same time and striking a good balance between those two areas. I felt very safe and supported by Isik. Finally, I would add that Isik has an amazing energy which is very infectious and empowering to be around.”



"I am so grateful to have found Isik. She is an angel who goes above and beyond. In just a few sessions she helped me tune into my inner guidance and helped give me so much clarity in all aspects of my life from career, family to relationships. Each session is planned around any concern or issue I am facing at the time and I always receive an email shortly afterwards with a summary of our session and useful tools and techniques to work on. Since my first meeting with Isik there has been so many positive changes in my life. Thank you for your beautiful guidance and for giving me the confidence to start living my dream!"



"I found myself stuck in a situation when Isik kindly offered to give me an Intuitive Guidance session. Isik has a very approachable and kind demeanor, so I was more than comfortable discussing the issue I had with her. After our session together, I gained so much clarity and I was in a much better place. In one session alone, I came away feeling great and my worries had disappeared. I've been able to move forward and this is thanks to Isik. I would recommend Isik to anyone as she has a kind, loving and caring approach. The world needs more people like Isik."


"Isik is a wonderful intuitive guide. Working with her has brought me new clarity. Her gentle guiding method made it easier for me to connect to my own intuition. She seamlessly brings this gift to the dynamic with her natural presence, as though she instantly cleaned up the mist and fog that was straining the lens. Being in her presence, I could connect to my own inner voice clearly and with deeper awareness. She has unique methods which clearly showcase her knowledge, skills and efforts to maintain an individual and authentic style. She is very grounded, focused, and collaborative during the process, leading to new, meaningful, and interesting outcomes."



"Isik brings a gentleness and patience to her coaching work, resulting in sessions never feeling rushed or pressured to finish by a given time. She holds focus and maintains a strong and clear intention to meet my needs throughout our time together. For me, these qualities created the necessary feelings of "safety and trust" for me to open and explore the parts of my inner world I so often keep hidden away. Isik has very strong intuitive qualities which I found to be a really valuable asset in helping me to overcome the uncertainties and doubts regarding my next step forward."



"I was feeling lost and unmotivated in my life and needed direction. As an Intuitive Guide, Isik was able to get me back on track - helping my passion and energy to return. I'm an indecisive person so I loved that Isik allowed me to be me - her patience and ability to give me the space made me feel at ease. I felt thoroughly supported by Isik and I got more than I expected in our sessions. Isik has such an incredible intuitive gift and I am so grateful to continue on my journey with confidence knowing I'm now on the right path."



"Isik gave me the space and presence I needed to unravel my mind-chatter, dissolve it and go back to that calm space where everything is clear – back into my heart. Thank you."



"I was never sure about the existence of Angels. Then I thought I meet them sometimes. And yesterday I confirmed that THEY DO EXIST!! Angels exists and they live on our Planet Earth and they are all around us trying to be our friends and help us. Yesterday I talked with one of them and it was intense, powerful and magical. I thank Life/God for letting me connect with her. Thanks Isik for being my beautiful Angel and help me to go through so much. You are an indescribable human being.”

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"Isik is amazing! She gives me clarity on things and helps me to see from another perspective. After every session, I always feel more grounded and inspired."



"Isik is an incredible intuitive coach, she has helped align me with my purpose and what I wish to create in the world. Through working with Isik, I have been able to overcome fears and blocks to take action and move towards my ultimate vision."



"Isik gave me the guidance and space to explore my own limiting assumptions and the ways they are showing up in my life. The clarity and power of Isik’s work allowed me to realise my possibilities and make the changes I needed. Thank you Isik."



"Isik is a Goddess who's insights have been transformative for my life after only one session. She helped give me the clarity I've been praying for in my Soul's purpose and mission on Earth. Isik made me feel 100% comfortable because of her kind heart that shines through."



"Isik is honestly the intuitive coach of my dreams! There is such authentic magic and love that pours out of her each time we me meet, for she carries such an attentiveness to my needs and carries such a deep and mystical insight into the very core of my being. I've only just started with her and already I feel such deep transformation taking place inside of me as I can feel my divine intuition activating effortlessly. I feel incredibly blessed to have met her and I cannot even begin to fathom where I'll be at the end of our 10 sessions together because I'm already mind-blown after 2! Please to anyone reading this, give yourself the gift of having a session with her and see for yourself."