- 6 months coachıng program -

The accelerator program is about empowering you from

overwhelm and stress

to find simplicity and joy

in your life and business  ✨


  • Get clear on your vision and your next steps

  • Take your life and work to the next level

  • Let go of stress and anxiety

  • Take action that is in alignment with your truth

  • Find where to focus your energy to get the best results

THIS program IS FOR YOU IF YOU’RE someone who…

  • Is an high achiever, glows with joy when things are going well for them knowing they have the life they want

  • Does what they say they will do and take action

  • Wants to improve themselves and loves learning

  • Is very driven and doesn’t rest much

  • Already is running a business

  • Is passionate, dynamic and has lots of energy

  • Pushes really hard until they get what they want

  • Goes for what they want and is ready to smash it

  • Is described as charismatic and fun by people around them

  • Can put their feelings in a box to get on with things

  • Goes into overwhelm and puts extra pressure on themselves

  • Feels there is never enough time to get everything done

  • Wants to make the most out their life and create as much as they can

  • Always have a goal in focus and know how to motivate themselves to achieve it

  • Sees failure as not an option and avoids it at all costs

  • Shows up

When you go about getting stuff done,

here are the options that play out:


You’re stressed. You beat yourself up while you do it,

not enjoying it at all. You burn out.


You go into total overwhelm and be paralysed

and not do anything.


You are relaxed while doing it and actually get more done because you’re aligned and balanced.

If you’re stuck in between the first and second choice and you’d like to be more in the third choice, this is possible.

This program is all about that.


✨ 4 sessions a month

(3 online coaching sessions via Zoom & 1 breathwork session in London.

If residing outside London or no interest in breathwork, 4 online coaching sessions a month)

✨ Ongoing email support in between sessions

✨ If needed, emergency 5-10 minutes calls in between sessions

✨ Videos and tools complimenting the sessions

The program is designed for you to push through during 3 sessions.

In the 4th session which is breathwork, you release any tension, heaviness, stress from the month, so you don’t burn out or go into overwhelm.

You bring in the new vision for the next month.

If you don’t let go, you go into overwhelm.

Learning to let go is an important part of running a business and creating the life you want.

Step by step we balance everything out as we go.

This program empowers you to MAKE THE CHANGE BELOW


  • Overwhelmed

  • Overburdened

  • Putting extra pressure on yourself to get more done

  • Life is hard, it’s a struggle

  • Feeling heavy and lethargic

  • Not being able to breathe

  • So much to do

  • You’re fighting against life and everyone

  • Anger and rage

  • Not being able to relax and let go

  • Wanting to control the outcome

  • Creating endless to do lists

  • Being in your head a lot, overthinking

  • Stressed

  • No matter what you do, it’s never enough

  • Slightly workaholic

  • Constant comparison, beating yourself up

  • Pressure of needing to be the best in everything

  • Feeling empty and depressed

  • Not wanting to be overshadowed by others, driving yourself to achieve more

  • Compulsive action taking to repress shame of not being good enough

  • Looking outside of yourself for validation that you’re “okay”.


  • Transformation

  • Freedom of expressing who you are

  • Change

  • Recognising the importance of down time

  • Seeing slowing down as a way to get more done

  • Self awareness and learning about yourself

  • Love, passion and excitement for your business

  • Letting go of the need to know

  • Connecting with your authenticity, being at total acceptance and appreciation of who you are

  • Opening your heart

  • Powerful presence and a radiance

  • Joy

  • Balanced life

  • Happiness

  • Self love

  • Empowerment

  • Confidence in yourself

  • Enjoying life

  • Feeling confident and motivated

  • Inspiration and leader for others

  • Great communication, connecting the heart and mind

  • Feeling valued seperate from positive regards of others

  • Self-accepting and self-loving


1st Option:

£2,400 - payment in full

2nd Option:

£400 - monthly payment of 6 instalments

HAVE QUESTIONS or not sure ıf

we’re the rıght fıt to work together?



After doing more than 400 1-1 coaching sessions and more than 50 workshops, I came to see why overachievers do what they do and why.

I am very much of an overachiever. It bothers me if I’m not doing well at what I’m doing. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. I didn’t eat when I was stressed. I used to have multiple breakdowns within one week.

Through the transformational work that’s included in the program, I stopped beating myself up. I started having more compassion towards myself and in a counter intuitive way, I started to get more done and actually enjoy myself and my life. I started becoming more authentic, vulnerable and open in who I am and show all of me, not just the shiny nice bits. I want the same for you.

I created this program to guide you from overwhelm to alignment, from stress to joy. I know what brings you alive, I know what stops you and I know what will get you moving. Because once you get moving, nothing will really stop you.

In order to create, you need a vision that will pull you towards rather than a push and you need a structure where you know your next steps.

This is how I started and built my business in creating transformation in people’s lives. When you want to do well, it’s very tempting to copy others and feel like a fraud. However, if you’re being authentic, you will realise there is no competition as no one is like you. This program is for you to find out what is your unique way.

It is all about the balance in your life and work for you to create in harmony, joy and success in your life.


“Thank you so much for today. I feel a mind shift is already occurring.”

“I really loved our session and it’s really put me on the right track.”

“My biggest breakthrough was to understand properly that I have much to offer and my experiences are rich and complex, but if I keep holding on to old patterns of behaviours I may get stuck. I always left sessions with clarity and confidence.”

“I’ve just performed to my disabled adults and there was so much joy in the room and I thought, “I created this”, feeling quite overwhelmed right now. I was also on tv this morning and feel like people are suddenly appreciating what I do.”

“I feel like we covered a lot of ground and I really like your approach to coaching. I came away from the session feeling lighter and more connected to my true self. I’m very excited to be sharing this journey with you.”



HOW IS THE program dıfferent from 1-1 coachıng?

The program is designed for you to push through during 3 sessions. The 4th session is breathwork where you will release any tension, heaviness, stress from the month, so you don’t burn out or go into overwhelm. You bring in the new vision for the next month. Step by step, we will balance everything out as we go.


Can ı contact you ın between sessıons?

Yes. I encourage communication in between sessions rather than waiting for one week. If something urgent comes up, I offer an emergency 5-10 minutes chat. You can also contact me via email.


Wıll ı receıve a recordıng of the sessıons?

Yes. The sessions are held via Zoom call which you will be sent a recording after the session.


Is there a monthly payment optıon?

Yes. There is a monthly payment option of £400 for 6 months.


If you have any other questions email me at