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Since I was 14, I was into personal & spiritual growth. My mum’s a therapist in Istanbul, Turkey, where I am from, so she introduced me to several trainings and teachings from a young age. I adored reading and learning new things, still do. 

Then I moved to Oxford to study architecture. After graduating and going to loads of trainings of many people including Anthony Robbins, Sonia Choquette, Patrick San Francesco, I realised, clearly my heart is not in architecture.

Years after all the learnings and trainings, I saw that I don’t have to go from training to training, asking teachers what I should do. No one knew what was best for me apart from me. Over the years, I was giving my power away to everyone else asking ‘What do you think I should do?’, 'What's my life purpose?'. 

I was constantly achieving, doing things, pushing through until having a mini breakdown. Then I’d carry on, push even harder. I’m very driven so this is my natural state. The frustrating part was not seeing any results despite all the effort. Basically, I was trying to feel good enough by doing so much. It was leading me to feeling depleted. 

The truth is I didn't have to rise and grind to get what I want. I learnt that by doing less, I can achieve more. By slowing down, I go further ahead.

So can you.

Rather than taking 10 action and getting 1 result, you can take 1 action and have 10 results..


You don’t have to worry about if you made the right decision. You'll just know. 

You don't have to think about who you'll upset, what people are going to think of you or will they still love you.

You don't have to keep giving your power away to people, putting them into the centre of your life.

Things are not meant to be hard. Life is not meant to be hard. It can be an effortless and enjoyable ride. Things are meant to come to you naturally, when you allow and receive. Plus, if you’re not enjoying yourself as you go, what’s the point of it all?


I'd love to guide you to find your power, purpose and gifts. So that you embody who you truly are live the life you desire in your authentic truth.. 

Love you 💚

Isik xx

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