Breathwork in its simplest definition is deep breathing into the body.

It is a great way to deeply connect with your body and yourself.

There are many breathwork modalities aimed for different purposes. The one I use in my groupwork or 1-1 sessions is continuous breathing into belly, in from the mouth, out from the mouth with no pause between breaths. This type of breathwork drops you into your body, and brings up any past unprocessed emotions from the past to be processed.

You might not allow yourself to cry, especially amongst men, there could be a shame around crying. Maybe you grew up in a household, you were told to stop crying so you learnt to push sadness under the carpet whenever it came up. Or maybe you learnt to supress your anger. What happens is, anything you’re not allowing yourself to feel in the moment, your body remembers. It has its own incredible intelligence. It stores these emotions and energetical blocks to be released when it feels safe to release.

Group breathwork journeys and 1-1 sessions are spaces where you feel safe and held to go into the wounds from the past to feel them fully in order to let them go.

In the 1-1 breathwork sessions, through movement, breathwork, emotional release, you have an opportunity to release tension and trauma in the body so you can feel free, empowered and yourself again.

These sessions are great to get out of the head and come back to the body. The more you make this shift, you remember what it feels like. It becomes a new pathway you can follow and come back to with ease on your own after practice.

If you experience:

  • Stress

  • Suppressed anger

  • Grief

  • Living in your head

  • Problem sleeping

  • Being weighed down by work and life

  • Feeling responsible for others

Then, breathwork is a great tool for you to feel, process anything that needs to be released leaving you feeling calm, grounded and free.

What you may experience from doing breathwork:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Feeling of expansion and lightness

  • Feeling free

  • More compassion for self

  • Emotional release

  • More peace

  • Letting go of the past

  • Deeper connection with self

  • Deeper breathing

“One of the best things you can do for your life.” - Darrius

“It was a very deep and profound work. Beautifully held. I can’t wait to do it again.” - Debora

“Powerful! A whole new experience. Have no expectations, surrender and see what comes up.” - Nadia

“One of the best gifts you can give yourself but indescribable!” - Angela

“A very safe space, Isik creates a beautiful environment and a very spacial circle. Probably the most ego-less space I’ve been in.” - Zoe

“Breathtaking :)” - Karl

“Releasing and energising.” - Sonia

“A wonderful opportunity to take space for yourself to work through things.” - Abigail

“If you want to take a closer look at yourself, then go.”- Jitka

“Incredibly empowering and honestly I would say, go for it. It is an incredible experience. - Norina

“It was a beautiful experience which gave me the opportunity to face my fear, express it, go through it and feel empowered afterwards. Thank you."

"Magically surreal. Way more powerful than I imagined and something I struggle to put into words but can't wait to experience again."

"You never know what you need until you do the work and then receive it. Simply magical."

"Transformational, empowering and 100% necessary!"

In the 1:1 breathwork sessions, I combine tools from transformational, biodynamic and shamanic breathwork as well as emotional release tools and Reiki.

If you’ve never done breathwork before and want to try it in a group setting,

I run monthly breathwork workshops called “Freedom Through Breath”, which can be found below.